Cracking behaviour of RC members strengthened with CFRP strips

Author(s): W. Ibrahim, J. Hegger, A. Sherif
Paper category: Conference
Book title: Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting III (ICCRRR)
Editor(s): M.G. Alexander, H.-D. Beushausen, F. Dehn, P. Moyo
Print ISBN: 978-0-415-89952-9
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Pages: 439- 439
Total Pages: 1
Language: English

This paper discusses the influence of the reinforcing ratio [ACFRP/ASteel] on the cracking behaviour of RC members reinforced with steel bars [ASteel] and strengthened with near-surface mounted (NSM) carbon strips [ACFRP]. The experimental program involves ten tests to study the crack width, crack spacing and cracking behavior of reinforced concrete members strengthened with NSM carbon strips subjected to cyclic tensile load. The strengthening with NSM carbon strips significantly increases the tensile strength and ductility of RC members. In addition, it significantly reduces the crack width in RC members. The paper proposes a formula for predicting the crack width in reinforced concrete members strengthened with near-surface mounted carbon strips.

Online publication: 2014
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