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Other Load Combinations

Paper category: Bibliography
Book title: Publications on Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures under Combined Mechanical Loads and Environmental Actions: An Annotated Bibliography
Editor(s): Yao Yan, Wang Ling, Wittmann Folker
Print ISBN: 978-3-942052-03-0
Publisher: Aedificatio Publishers
Pages: 119 - 137
Total Pages: 19
Language: English

Common degradation mechanisms in concrete can be characterized in a simplified way by basic mechanisms, starting with penetration of aggressive gaseous or liquid media into cover concrete. The presence of aggressive liquids or gases induces a series of chemical reactions between the components. If the chemical reaction causes local volume changes (expansion or shrinkage) it leads to Eigenstresses or microcracking and damage of concrete. Thermal and moisture gradients could contribute to increased tensile stresses and aggravate concrete damage. Therefore the less commonly investigated load combinations covered in publications listed Chapter 10 could be also deleterious for long term durability of structures.

The considered combinations of exposure conditions include complex factors, often more than two. The range covers the following combinations: action of chlorides and sulphates, and also cyclic frost action, chlorides or sulphates and cyclic drying-wetting, chlorides and carbonation, sulphates and calcium leaching, ASR potential. Certain combinations of aggressive environmental factors are considered with a combination of sustained or cyclic mechanical loads. The significance of such material characteristics like increased toughness due to microfiber reinforcement or increased watertightness due to water repellent treatment is also considered. The influence of damaging environmental factors on the structural behaviour of concrete is also studied. The experimental procedures for evaluation of coupling effects of environmental and mechanical loads are still under development. Therefore the available test results still do not provide comprehensive data needed for durability design of concrete exposed to combined loads.

Online publication: 2014
Publication Type: full_text
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