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Influence of steel fiber addition on the shrinkage of ordinary strength and high strength concrete

Author(s): M. Šahinagić-Isović, T. Arangelovski, M. Ćećez
Paper category: Workshop
Book title: RILEM International workshop on performance-based specification and control of concrete durability
Editor(s): D. Bjegović, H. Beushausen, M. Serdar
ISBN: 978-2-35158-135-3
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-136-0
Pages: 623 - 631
Total Pages: 9
Language: English

Knowledge of time-dependent characteristics for any concrete is vital for his use as constructive material. In the definition field of the fiber reinforced concrete rheological characteristics there are a small number of experiments, because these studies require considerable resources and time. Previous studies suggest that special attention should be given to the influence of fiber addition on the concrete shrinkage.
Experimental research were performed measuring free shrinkage strain, in the period of 400 days, on small thicknesses concrete prism and on reinforced concrete beam. Four types of concrete were used: ordinary strength concrete class C30/37 (OSC), high-strength concrete class C60/75 (HSC), steel fiber ordinary strength concrete class C30/37 (FROSC) and steel fiber high-strength concrete class C60/75 (FRHSC). For the steel fiber concretes low volume fraction of 0.45% steel fibers were used. According to the experimental results drying shrinkage on concrete prisms was reduced for 5.2% and 6.2% for ordinary and high-strength with steel fiber concrete respectively in comparison to the references concrete. Also the maximum drying shrinkage of reinforced concrete beams was reduced at smaller rate about 3.8% and 2.1% for steel fiber concrete following the same comparison as it is mentioned above.

Online publication: 2013
Publication Type: full_text
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