Impact strength evaluation of rubberized fiber reinforced SCC

Author(s): D.Lj. Jevtić, A. R. Savić
Paper category: Workshop
Book title: RILEM International workshop on performance-based specification and control of concrete durability
Editor(s): D. Bjegović, H. Beushausen, M. Serdar
ISBN: 978-2-35158-135-3
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-136-0
Pages: 641 - 646
Total Pages: 6
Language: English

This paper presents the findings of an experimental study made on rubberized selfcompacting concrete (RSCC), in terms of impact strength evaluation. Eight SCC series were prepared, four with 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% of recycled rubber replacing the same volume of sand; and four more, with constant amount of 800 g/m3 polypropylene fibers 16mm long, with repeated amounts of rubber. The quantity of cement was constant in all the series, and the SCC was essentially powder type, with limestone mineral admixture. The chemical admixture used was polycarboxylate based superplasticizer. Dynamic properties (impact resistance) of these series were evaluated according to "Drop-weight" test, in order to assess the amplitude and energy, with respect to the gradual deterioration of the specimen after each impact. Tests were performed on three 40x40x6cm plates, for each series. The adopted testing procedure consisted of following steps: the constant weight (m=3kg) was being released from the constant height (h=30 cm), falling and striking the concrete specimen. Number of impacts before first crack, number of impacts at the failure point, and acceleration vs. time were measured on each specimen. The "Drop weight" dynamic test showed noteworthy increase in energy absorption capacity of rubberized concrete, depending on the percentage of rubber granulates. Recycled rubber based composites are widely applied for production of precast concrete elements in road and railroad construction, such as: parking and traffic barriers, curbs, grade crossings, railroad track ties, rubber panels, speed reducers, bumps, etc. This special type of concrete also showed to be suitable for production of underground dumpsters.

Online publication: 2013
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