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Chloride diffusion in and out of concrete made with different types of binders

Title: Chloride diffusion in and out of concrete made with different types of binders
Author(s): G. Gudmundsson
Paper category : conference
Book title: Third International RILEM Workshop on Testing and Modelling Chloride Ingress into Concrete
Editor(s): C. Andrade and J. Kropp
Print-ISBN: 2-912143-48-9
e-ISBN: 2912143578
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2004
Pages: 229 - 235
Total Pages: 7
Nb references: 5
Language: English

Abstract: Concrete samples made with four different types of binders were immersed in sea water at laboratory conditions. After immersion for 1 year, the samples were removed from the solution and placed in a fog room, where water was sprayed continuously on one side of the samples. After six months in the fog room, chloride profiles were established in all the samples, both from the upper side (towards the water spray) and from the lower side. The leaching out was extensive at 0-2 mm depth in all the samples. At 3 mm depth, the chloride content was restored to normal values in the sample made with silica fume cement. The samples made with CEM I type of cement had a bit more chloried leached out, the leaching zone was between 3 and 5 mm thick. Finally, much more leaching seems to take place in the concrete made with blast furnace slag, the leaching zone is at least 5 mm thick and possibly as thick as 10 mm.

Online publication: 2002-12-15
Publication type : full_text
Public price (Euros): 0.00
doi: 10.1617/2912143578.015

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