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Author(s): Zhijun Tan, Geert De Schutter, Guang Ye, Yun Gao, Lieven Machiels
Book Title: RILEM International Symposium on Concrete Modelling - CONMOD 2014
Editor: Kefei Li, Peiyu Yan and Rongwei Yang
ISBN: 978-2-35158-139-1
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-140-7
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2015
Pages: 87-93
Total Pages: 7
Language: English

Abstract: Ternary blended cement is a promising route towards the sustainability of cementitious world. Numerical simulation can be used to better understand the hydration of cementitious materials. The hydration of blended cement is more complex compared with Portland cement due to the interaction between the different powders. This article proposes a hydration model to simulate the hydration process of ternary blended cement, e.g. Portland cement, blastfurnace slag and limestone powder. The model, based on HYMOSTRUC for neat Portland cement hydration, is extended to take account of the individual hydration of each material, as well as the interaction between the different materials. The hydration kinetics of slag is intrinsically determined by its chemical composition on the one hand and influenced by the amount of CH produced by cement hydration on the other hand. The limestone is considered as inert filler due to its low reaction degree, although the reaction of calcite with aluminate phase from slag and cement is remarkable. Besides the basic rate equations and the influence factors on the hydration process, stereological aspect, and spatial interaction of hydration products are also considered in the model. The simulated results are validated and modified by experiment results.

Online publication: 2015
Publication Type: full_text
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