Test Methods Adapted to Alternative Aggregates

Title: Test Methods Adapted to Alternative Aggregates
Author(s): Schouenborg
Paper category : conference
Book title: International RILEM Conference on the Use of Recycled Materials in Building and Structures
Editor(s): E. Vázquez, Ch. F. Hendriks and G.M.T. Janssen
Print-ISBN: 2-912143-52-7
e-ISBN: 2912143756
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2004
Pages: 173 - 180
Total Pages: 8
Nb references: 11
Language: English

Abstract: Due to a shortage in natural aggregate resources a change towards more sustainable
production and consumption is urgently required. Utilisation of alternative aggregate
materials is one of the solutions.
The alternative aggregates are in many cases suitable to be used for civil engineering works.
In order to use them on a routine basis, we need relevant standardised test methods to assess
their suitability.
This paper presents the main results from 3 joint inter-Nordic research projects assessing
whether standardised aggregate test methods are suitable also for recycled aggregates and
aggregates from secondary sources. Some of the most commonly used tests in the aggregate
production are Particle size distribution, Resistance to fragmentation and Water
The grading is the most commonly verified property in product and production control.
Resistance to fragmentation is often used as a general quality parameter in addition to
evaluation of the suitability for road construction. Finally, the water absorption is used to
assess frost resistance, to prepare concrete mix designs, to determine the long-term density of
weight compensating layers etc.
It has clearly been demonstrated that all of these methods need to be modified or replaced in
order to verify the properties of alternative materials.

Online publication: 2004-09-29
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doi: 10.1617/2912143756.020

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