Survey of chemicals emission factors from building materials for interiors

Title: Survey of chemicals emission factors from building materials for interiors
Author(s): H. Yoshida
Paper category : conference
Book title: RILEM International Symposium on Environment-Conscious Materials and Systems for Sustainable Development
Editor(s): N. Kashino and Y. Ohama
Print-ISBN: 2-912143-55-1
e-ISBN: 2912143640
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2004
Pages: 251 - 259
Total Pages: 9
Nb references: 1
Language: English

Abstract: Indoor air pollution in buildings is caused by desorption of chemical contaminants from construction materials, such as building boards etc. The healthy indoor environments is closely related the desorption of chemical contaminants. Desorption of chemical contaminants from building materials is estimated as an emission factor of chemical substances. The JIS relevance articles used for the present building material (mainly used as interior material) were set as the main target of this measurement. Measurement was performed according to JIS A 1901 (Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds and aldehydes for building products --- Small chamber method). Measurement samples are 19 items and 55 kinds. As a result of measuring many kinds of the building materials, we were able to mention the tendency of detected chemical substance and the point which should be inquired from now on. If TVOC is treated as another, formaldehyde is the chemical substance detected by the highest frequency, and toluene is the next.

Online publication: 2004-11-24
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doi: 10.1617/2912143640.030