Proceedings pro043 : International RILEM Workshop on Bonded Concrete Overlays

Title: International RILEM Workshop on Bonded Concrete Overlays
Edited by J.L. Granju and J. Silfwerbrand
ISBN: None
e-ISBN: 2912143837
Pages: 114
Publication date: 2004

Bonded overlays constitute a common and versatile repair method for concrete bridge decks, pavements, and industrial floors. Concrete is predominant overlay material but steel fibre reinforced concrete as well as other cement-based and polymer materials are important alternatives. Bonded overlays have been used since the beginning of the 20th century, but since the construction business increased dramtically during the first decades after the Second World War, an increased need of repairs is anticipated since the structures constructed during this period are approaching a critical age of 30 to 40 years,

In 2001, RILEM set up a techical committee (TC 193-RLS), for "bonded cement-based material overlays for the repair, the lining or the strengthening of slabs or pavements". The aim is to provide more accurate knowledge of bonded overlays and to propose recommendations for practitioners and design rules. A state-of-the-art report (STAR) is scheduled for early 2004.

In order to improve the STAR, the RILEM TC 193-RLS organised a workshop at the Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute in Stockholm, June 7-8 2004, The various chapters in teh coming STAR were presented as well as a dozen papers devoted to bonded overlays. Participants from nine countries on three continents attended the workshop. This on line volume contains 11 papers. It does not cover the STAR chapters since they soon will be published by RILEM,


2. Papers

Repair Systems: Searching Towards Compatibility
Author(s): L. Czarnecki
Pages: 5 - 11

Characteristics of Bond between Concrete Layers
Author(s): J. Sustersic
Pages: 13 - 20

Survey on Swedish Practice for Bonded Overlays and Patch Repair
Author(s): P. Skoglund
Pages: 21 - 25

Structural Behaviour of Bonded Concrete Overlays
Author(s): E. Denarié
Pages: 27 - 34

Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concretes for Rehabilitation
Author(s): E. Denarié
Pages: 35 - 39

Bonded concrete overlays subjected to differential shrinkage - An analytical model based on localised strain and stress
Author(s): H-D. Beushausen
Pages: 41 - 47

Shrinkage and fatigue of cement-based bonded overlays: About its modelling
Author(s): J. L. Granju
Pages: 49 - 55

The bonded concrete overlay process and a case study
Author(s): M. Trevino
Pages: 57 - 65

Reinforced concrete bridge deck repair using a thin bonded overlay: results from the Cosmos bridge experimental repair
Author(s): R. Gagné
Pages: 67 - 82

Field tests on bonded overlays
Author(s): J. Silfwerbrand
Pages: 83 - 91

Assessment and developments of tests methods for cracking tendency of repair materials
Author(s): B. Bissonnette
Pages: 93 - 113

1. Preface

Bonded overlays: About the Workshop
Author(s): J. Silfwerbrand
Pages: 1 - 3