Characterization of low cost UHPFRC for structural applications

Author(s) : T. Vidal, E. Nguyen Phuong Amanjean
Paper category : Proceedings
Book title : UHPFRC 2017 Designing and Building with UHPFRC: New large-scale implementations, recent technical advances, experience and standards
Editor(s) : F. Toutlemonde & J. ResplendinoT.Ch.
Print-ISBN : 978-2-35158-166-7
e-ISBN : 978-2-35158-167-4
Publisher : RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year : 2017
Pages: 3 - 10
Total Pages : 8
Language : English

Abstract: Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concretes (UHPFRC) are characterized by outstanding mechanical and durability properties. To reach such performances, their mixes generally require high amounts of cement, silica fume and steel fibres, a very low Water/Binder ratio thanks to a high-range water reducer, and a heat treatment. A research project has been carried out to develop of UHPFRC without heat treatment, using conventional mixer, in order to reduce both the energy applied during production process and the cost which currently limits their uses in construction industry. The mix criteria consist in incorporating local materials and less expensive and more available metakaolin in substitution of silica fume. The paper presents the comparative characterization of two of some tested mixes, a reference one with silica fume and an alternative one with metakaolin. The mechanical and durability results prove the ability of designing UHPFRC mix incorporating metakaolin without heat treatment of equivalent performances to those with silica fume.

Online publication : 2017
Publication type : full_text
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