UHPFRC direct shear characterization applied to web-flange shear design of T-shaped girders

Author(s) : A. Herrera, F. Baby, P. Marchand, F. Toutlemonde
Paper category : Proceedings
Book title : UHPFRC 2017 Designing and Building with UHPFRC: New large-scale implementations, recent technical advances, experience and standards
Editor(s) : F. Toutlemonde & J. ResplendinoT.Ch.
Print-ISBN : 978-2-35158-166-7
e-ISBN : 978-2-35158-167-4
Publisher : RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year : 2017
Pages: 431 - 440
Total Pages : 10
Language : English

Abstract: Shear verification may turn out as critical in a number of ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) structures, e.g. at the web to flange junction in a T-shaped beam. Present design provisions have been compared with a comprehensive experimental campaign, whose analysis takes into account the effective local response of the fibre-reinforced material. The investigation comprises direct shear tests on notched prisms made of 3 UHPFRC mixes with different fibre contents both on moulded specimens and sawn ones from representative junction zones. Combined with the standard characterization tests and limit analysis models, these results have been used to analyse the experimental response of 5.60 meter long T-shaped beams, specially designed to exhibit a longitudinal shear failure mode at the web to flange junction. The results evidence the contribution of UHPFRC under shear and tension in the different situations of fibre distribution and orientation.

Online publication : 2017
Publication type : full_text
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