The performance of cements in chemically aggressive environments

Title: The performance of cements in chemically aggressive environments
Author(s): F. Glasser
Paper category : conference
Book title: Workshop on Performance of Cement-based Materials in Aggressive Aqueous Environments - Characterisation, Modelling, Test Methods and Engineering Aspects
Editor(s): Nele De Belie
Print-ISBN: None
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-059-2
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2008
Pages: 5 - 10
Total Pages: 6
Nb references: 9
Language: English

Abstract: While cements perform well in most service environments, experience teaches that some environments lead to degradation. Much effort has been expended in examining field concretes and in developing tests and standards relevant to determining the impacts of aggressive environments. However this effort, while valuable, has not led to quantitative development of a predictive capability. Reasons for this are attributed to the complexities and variability of natural environments, the inability quantitatively to couple physical performance in terms of traditional engineering parameters with extent of chemical alteration and the difficulties of translating this knowledge into test protocols. The limitations of test methods are explored and it is suggested that (i) mathematical modelling of the chemical aspects should be pursued and (ii) links between chemical /mineralogical / microstructural models and the engineering properties be strengthened. Examples are developed mainly relating to sulfate attack.

Online publication: 2008-06-05
Classification: Keynote paper
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