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High strength micro/nano fine cement

Title: High strength micro/nano fine cement
Author(s): Armando García-Luna, Diego R. Bernal
Paper category : conference
Book title: NICOM 2: 2nd International Symposium on Nanotechnology in Construction
Editor(s): Y. de Miguel, A. Porro and P.J.M. Bartos
Print-ISBN: 2-912143-87-X
e-ISBN: 2912143888
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2006
Pages: 285 - 291
Total Pages: 7
Nb references: 7
Language: English

Abstract: Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is the material most widely used in the construction industry all over the world, and by volume, concrete is its largest field of application. Previous works have shown that a grain size distribution of d95 = 24 µm and d50 = 7 µm of superfine powder in a High Performance Concrete (HPC) can decrease the porosity, upgrade the microstructure and the macro-properties of the corresponding concrete, incrementing the compression strength 100% of that of OPC. A new type of binder material for high and ultrahigh performance concretes based in new admixtures and energy modified cement is presented.
High Energy Milling (HEM) was applied to reduce the particle size of OPC, which has a particle size distribution such that 90 % of total particles correspond to 50 µm and might attain 320 kg/cm2 of compressive strength after 28 days of curing. Milling results of OPC show a great particle size reduction with 50 % of the powder = 1 µm and 100 % = 6 µm. A fine nano/micro cement-binder mixture was obtained with the admixture of fine refined OPC and refined silica. Results using this Nano/Micro cement show an increment up to 4-6 times compression strength at 24 hours. After 28 days of curing and adding effective water reducer additives, values between 950 and 1100 kg/cm2 are obtained which are almost four times higher than OPC’s values, with a 0.32 – 0.34 water/cement ratio. The setting time and the compression strength can be modified according to different mixtures and different particle size distributions of this nanocement-binder.

Online publication: 2005-11-17
Publication type : full_text
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