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Geopolymers as an innovative solution for the disposal of problematic nu- clear wastes

Author(s): Daniel Geddes
Paper Category: proceedings
Book Title: Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Materials,
Systems and Structures (SMSS2019)
Editor(s): Ivana Carević Stjepan Lakušić Dirk Schlicke
ISBN: 978-2-35158-217-6
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-218-3
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication Year: 2019
Pages: 50 - 51
Total Pages: 2
Language: English

Abstract: The nuclear industry within the UK has a responsibility and the duty to produce an
appropriate disposal route for all types of nuclear waste. The disposal of certain wastes can be
problematic due to compatibility with the cementation matrix [1]. Therefore, new grouts and
disposal methods have been proposed for the disposal of these waste streams. Geopolymers,
produced from the chemical reaction between an alkali silicate activator and a metakaolin
precursor, have been proposed as one of these disposal routes. Preliminary studies have been
performed on these materials and promising results have been seen, including respectable waste
loadings and also resistance to irradiation damage, in the form of gamma irradiation [2, 3].
This project has been designed to analyse the physical and chemical properties of these
metakaolin geopolymers from the fresh to the hardened state, including a study of the effects
of gamma irradiation, leading to testing of leachability of encapsulated oils from the matrix.
This will generate useful data for the UK nuclear industry to make recommendations with
regards to including geopolymers in the current cementation model, and also to help develop a
safety case for waste disposal.

Online Publication: 2019
Publication Type: full text
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