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Particleboard with coir fiber and sugar cane bagasse: thermal-physical-mechanical properties

Author(s): S. Bonilla, G. Marmol, J. Fiorelli, H. Savastano Jr
Paper category: Proceedings
Book title: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Bio-based Building Materials
Editor(s): Sofiane Amziane and Mohammed Sonebi
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-154-4
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2015
Pages: 682-686
Total Pages: 5
Language : English

Abstract: This study assessed boards of homogeneous particles of green coconut husk fiber and multilayer (3 layers: outer layers with sugarcane bagasse and inner layer with green coconut husk fiber) bonded with polyurethane resin based on castor oil and densities of 500 kg m -3 and 700 kg m -3. The boards density profiles were tested by x-ray; the water absorption (WA), thickness swelling (TS), modulus of elasticity (MOE), modulus of rupture (MOR) in bending test and internal adherence (IA) were evaluated following the ABNT NBR 14810: 2013 standard recommendations; and thermal conductivity was determined by adapting the methodology established by ISO 8301: 1999. Density profiles indicated that the multilayer boards showed higher sides density; TS results showed no significant difference between treatments and WA indicated that the multilayer boards presented lower absorption; the MOR and MOE values of multilayer boards were higher than the homogeneous boards of corresponding densities; the thermal conductivity of homogeneous and multilayer boards were similar, indicating that the inclusion of sugarcane bagasse did not affect this behavior of the particle boards. Therefore multilayer boards incorporating sugarcane bagasse on the outer layers provided significant increases in physical and mechanical properties of the material for promising indoor application for housing and civil construction.

Online publication : 2015
Publication type : full_text
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