Comparison of the effect of microencapsulated and emulsified siloxane on setting and early age hydration of CEM I

Author(s): Nenad Milenković, Jean-Paul Lecomte, Stéphanie Staquet, Marie-Paule Delplancke
Paper category: Proceedings
Book title: Proceedings of the 2nd International RILEM/COST Conference on Early Age Cracking and Serviceability in Cement-based Materials and Structures Volume 1
Editor(s): Stéphanie Staquet and Dimitrios Aggelis
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2017
Pages: 429-434
Total Pages: 6
Language : English

Abstract: This paper compares the influence of microencapsulated silicone resin (microcapsules, M) and an emulsion (E) of silane monomer (n-octyltriethoxysilane and silicone resin) on the properties of CEM I cement paste. The setting and early age hardening of cement paste (water/cement ratio 0.5) was assessed with Minipenetrometre. Cement microstructure and hydration products development was observed by SEM/ESEM. Quantitative analysis of hydration products was assessed by Rietveld analysis of XRD diffractograms. Emulsion induced some delay in the cement paste setting. Moreover, the amount and morphology of ettringite and portlandite was modified by emulsion while the microcapsules didn’t show any significant effect on the same properties.

Online publication : 2017
Publication type : full_text
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