Impact of additions: indicators for durability and strength performance

Author(s): A. Bentur
Paper category: Workshop
Book title: International RILEM Workshop on Performance Based Evaluation and Indicators for Concrete Durability
Editor(s): V. Baroghel-Bouny, C. Andrade, R. Torrent, K. Scrivener
ISBN: 978-2-912143-95-2
Pages: 297 - 309
Total Pages: 13
Language: English

The quantification of the impact of additions using the k-efficiency factor concept is critically reviewed and analyzed in view of published results and data obtained in a recent study. The efficiency factor for a given addition was found to be dependent on its content and curing of the concrete. Also, the k efficiency value could be quite different for different performances the same concrete, ranging from values below 1 to much higher than 1. Such differences can be readily explained in terms of the fundamentals of cement-addition interactions and the dependency of the performance on different microstructural and chemical characteristics of the concrete. In view of the issues highlighted in the paper, and if the k efficiency concept is to be used in practice, there is a need to quantify the efficiency in terms of several factors, and apply judgment for the choice of one or several of them simultaneously for mix design, depending on the expected performance of the structure.

Online publication: 2007
Publication Type: full_text
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