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Field performance and internet-based monitoring of an FRC overlay

Title: Field performance and internet-based monitoring of an FRC overlay
Author(s): N. Banthia, A. Biparva, D. Woo, Julie Reimer
Paper category : conference
Book title: International RILEM Symposium on Concrete Science and Engineering: A Tribute to Arnon Bentur
Editor(s): J. Weiss, K. Kovler, J. Marchand, and S. Mindess
Print-ISBN: None
e-ISBN: 2912143926
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2004
Nb references: 10
Language: English

Abstract: A demonstration project was carried out to assess the field performance of cellulose fiber in concrete. The project involved resurfacing a plaza deck at the Aquatic Center of the University of British Columbia. The deck was divided into two sections: first section was resurfaced with an overlay of plain concrete and the adjoining section received an overlay of fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) with 0.2% by volume of cellulose fiber. Both overlays carried four strain sensors data from which were continuously and remotely monitored over the Internet. Strain readings over a period of 14 days in the two placements indicated that the strains in the FRC overlay were significantly lower than those in the plain concrete overlay. This indicated better durability of the FRC overlay.
In a parallel series, laboratory tests were carried out on field materials (plain and fiber reinforced concrete) to measure their resistance to plastic shrinkage cracking in a controlled drying environment. These tests were carried out in an environmental chamber as per the UBC Method. In this method, an overlay of the material to be tested is cast directly on a fully matured, rough sub-base and the assembly is subjected to controlled drying in a chamber with a constant moisture loss of 0.90 kg/m2/h. Cracking in the overlay is monitored. Results indicated that while the plain concrete overlay developed cracking, fiber reinforced concrete overlay did not.

Online publication: 2004-03-25
Classification: Applications
Publication type : full_text
Public price (Euros): 0.00
doi: 10.1617/2912143926.094

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