Static and impact behaviour of concrete members rehabilitated with UHPFRC overlay

Title: Static and impact behaviour of concrete members rehabilitated with UHPFRC overlay
Author(s): Katrin Habel, D. Paul Gauvreau
Paper category : conference
Book title: 2nd International RILEM Symposium on Advances in Concrete through Science and Engineering
Editor(s): J. Marchand, B. Bissonnette, R. Gagné, M. Jolin and F. Paradis
Print-ISBN: 2-35158-003-6
e-ISBN: 2351580028
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2006
Nb references: 12
Language: English

Abstract: This article describes a study of concrete members rehabilitated with an overlay of Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) that were subjected to high strain rates.
UHPFRC is ideally suited for use in rehabilitation and strengthening of structures. The material has strength of 160 MPa in compression and 8 MPa in tension, and exhibits strain-hardening behaviour under uniaxial tension. Its fracture energy (typically about 20 000 J/m2) is 130 times greater than that of conventional concrete. In addition, its dense matrix leads to a very low permeability, thus preventing the ingress of detrimental substances and considerably extending durability.
Existing concrete structures can be successfully rehabilitated by adding UHPFRC overlays. The objective of this study was to investigate the structural performance of such composite “UHPFRC-concrete” members subjected to impact loading. Typical load cases inducing high strain rates are vehicle impact, explosion or rockfall.
UHPFRC plates were impacted with a drop-weight in bending in order to determine their impact resistance. Static bending tests were also performed on specimens for comparison. Finally, ongoing static and drop-weight tests on slab strips consisting of UHPFRC and normal strength reinforced concrete are briefly described.

Keywords: rehabilitation, UHPFRC, static tests, impact tests

Online publication: 2006-08-02
Classification: 3.3 Theme 3: Monitoring, Repair and Maintenance of Concrete Structures
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doi: 10.1617/2351580028.095