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Multi-scale modelling of autogenous strains of an internally cured cementitious material

Title: Multi-scale modelling of autogenous strains of an internally cured cementitious material
Author(s): Mateusz Wyrzykowski, Dariusz Gawin, Francesco Pesavento, Pietro Lura
Paper category : conference
Book title: International RILEM Conference on Volume Changes of Hardening Concrete: Testing and Mitigation
Editor(s): O. M. Jensen, P. Lura, K. Kovler
Print-ISBN: 2-35158-004-4
e-ISBN: 2351580052
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2006
Pages: 137 - 146
Total Pages: 10
Nb references: 8
Language: English

Abstract: A recently proposed, mechanistic-type, mathematical model of concrete deformations [1], based on the concept of effective stresses, is briefly presented and applied for two-scale modelling of physical phenomena in an internally cured cementitious material. The numerical simulations focus on the maturing of a cement paste internally cured by means of lightweight aggregates (LWA). The water-saturated LWA are dispersed in the mortar and act as ‘water reservoirs’, counteracting self-desiccation of the cement paste. The two-scale modelling concept used is based on the so-called numerical homogenisation approach. The effective properties of the macro-scale model, treated as a continuum, are obtained by scaling up the characteristics of the meso-scale, idealized by the representative elementary volume (REV). At the meso-scale the mortars are treated as composite materials made of a homogenous matrix and inclusions of LWA. The influence of internal curing upon the material performance, in particular its autogenous strains, as well as the evolutions of hygrothermal state and mechanical properties of the material, are analysed. The numerical simulation results are verified against some published experimental data.

Online publication: 2006-07-30
Publication type : full_text
Public price (Euros): 0.00
doi: 10.1617/2351580052.015

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