Proceedings pro060 : 7th RILEM International Symposium on Fibre Reinforced Concrete: Design and Applications - BEFIB 2008

Title: 7th RILEM International Symposium on Fibre Reinforced Concrete: Design and Applications - BEFIB 2008
Edited by R. Gettu
ISBN: 978-2-35158-064-6
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-086-8
Pages: 1181
Publication date: 2008


Author(s): R. Gettu
Pages: XVI - XVII

Development and evolution of tensile strain-hardening FRC composites
Author(s): A.E. Naaman
Pages: 1 - 28

Mechanical reinforcement of concrete with novel bi-component fibers
Author(s): J. Kaufmann, J. Lübben, E. Schwitter
Pages: 29 - 38

The nano-mechanical properties of ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): L. Sorelli, G. Constantinides, F.-J. Ulm, F. Toutlemonde
Pages: 39 - 49

Wood and other natural fibres as reinforcement in cementitious materials
Author(s): M. Guadalupe Sierra Beltran, E. Schlangen
Pages: 51 - 61

Optimisation of steel fibre bonding in ultra high performance concrete
Author(s): T. Stengel
Pages: 63 - 73

Reliability and economy of pull-out testing for predicting engineering behavior of SFRC
Author(s): P. Stroeven
Pages: 75 - 82

Impact of the fibre manufacturing quality on the fibre pullout performance
Author(s): V.M.C.F. Cunha, J.M. Sena-Cruz, J.A.O. Barros
Pages: 83 - 93

Material testing and structural analysis of FRC beams - A fracture mechanics approach
Author(s): A. Jansson, I. Löfgren, K. Gylltoft
Pages: 95 - 103

Recent advances in high performance natural (sisal) fiber cement composites
Author(s): A. Silva, B. Mobasher, R.D. Toledo Filho
Pages: 105 - 113

Glass fibre reinforced concrete at high temperatures
Author(s): M. Colombo, M. di Presco, L. Mazzoleni
Pages: 115 - 123

Nanoimaging of highly dispersed carbon nanotube reinforced cement based materials
Author(s): M.S. Konsta-Gdoutos, Z.S. Metaxa, S.P. Shah
Pages: 125 - 131

Evaluation of the scatter of the postpeak behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete in bending: A step towards reliability
Author(s): B. Parmentier, L. Vandewalle, F. van Rickstal
Pages: 133 - 143

Distribution and orientation of fibers in the perspective of the mechanical properties of concrete
Author(s): P. Stroeven, Z. Guo
Pages: 145 - 154

Effect of incorporating metakaolin as mineral admixture and crimped fibres on properties of high strength concrete
Author(s): Z. Abdul Rahim, P. Srinivasa Rao
Pages: 155 - 159

Influence of the geometric properties of polypropylene fibers on fracture energy and size effect of low strength concrete
Author(s): H. Cifuentes, F. Medina, M. Espinar
Pages: 161 - 171

On the round panel and 3-point bending tests
Author(s): L. Vandewalle, F. van Rickstal, G. Heirman, B. Parmentier
Pages: 173 - 182

Behavior of concrete with very high fiber content
Author(s): J. Sustersic, I. Leskovar, R. Ercegovic, J. Korla
Pages: 183 - 190

Fiber orientation in ultra-high performance concrete
Author(s): J. Hegger, S. Rauscher, J. Lange, M. Zell
Pages: 191 - 199

Properties of hybrid fiber reinforced cementitious composites with admixtures
Author(s): N. Ishikawa, H. Mihashi, T. Kikuta
Pages: 201 - 208

Flexural behaviour of short steel fiber reinforced concrete beams
Author(s): S. Kumar, M.M. Prasad
Pages: 209 - 217

Influence of PVA fibers on load carrying capacity of concrete with coarse aggregates
Author(s): K. Holschemacher, S. Höer
Pages: 219 - 229

Investigation of the flexural toughness and fracture energy of high and ultra high performance fiber reinforced concretes
Author(s): J.K. Dattatreya, K.V. Harish, M. Neelamegam
Pages: 231 - 242

Controlled telescopic reinforced system for high performance fiber-cement composites
Author(s): A. Bentur, Z. Cohen, A. Peled, P. Larianovsky, R; Tirosh, M. Puterman, M. Yardimci
Pages: 243 - 251

Application of textile reinforced concrete in prefabrication
Author(s): M. Liebolt, M. Butler, V. Mechtcherine
Pages: 253 - 262

Characterization of bond mechanisms between polymer bundles and cement matrices
Author(s): A. Peled, E. Zagori, G. Marom
Pages: 263 - 272

Preforming of textile reinforcement for sandwich building members
Author(s): S. Janetzko, T. Gries
Pages: 273 - 280

Constructional design of prefabricated TRC elements
Author(s): J. Hegger, M. Zell, S. Voss
Pages: 281 - 291

Effect of environmental exposure on the microstructure of textile concrete
Author(s): S.W. Memunya, B. Tait, M.G. Alexander
Pages: 293 - 302

Finite element modelling of FRC structures - Pitfalls and how to avoid them
Author(s): B. Belletti, M.A.N. Hendriks, J.G. Rots
Pages: 303 - 313

Microplane model for cyclic behavior of fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): M.T. Kazemi, I. Zakeri
Pages: 315 - 321

Modelling of crack opening in steel fibre reinforced concrete under tension and bending
Author(s): M. Strack
Pages: 323 - 332

A computational model for fibre reinforced concrete incorporating information from multiple scales
Author(s): F.K.F. Radtke, A. Simone, L.J. Sluys
Pages: 333 - 343

Numerical modelling of steel fibre reinforced concrete structures - A comparative study
Author(s): T.S.A. Ribeiro, P. Serna, G.O. Ribeiro, A.M.N. López
Pages: 345 - 355

Strengh characteristics of recycled aggregate concrete with polyester fibers
Author(s): V. Bhikshma, R. Kishore, J. Latha
Pages: 357 - 363

In-plane shear test of fibre reinforced concrete panels
Author(s): A. Solgaard, H. Stang, P. Goltermann
Pages: 365 - 374

Examples of shear design of SFRC beams
Author(s): C. Failla, M. Manzoni, F. Minelli, F. Pasini, G.A. Plizzari
Pages: 375 - 385

SFRC D-regions: Size effect in bottle-shaped struts
Author(s): M. Colombo, M. di Prisco, M. Lamperti
Pages: 387 - 397

On the shear behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete beams
Author(s): H.D. Dinh, G.J. Parra-Montesinos, J.K. Wight
Pages: 399 - 407

Conversion factors for the determination of the tensile behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete from bending tests
Author(s): L. Gödde, M. Strack
Pages: 409 - 418

Performance based design of SFRC for serviceability and ultimate limit states
Author(s): M. Yalcin, C. Tasdemir, M.A. Tasdemir, I. Gokalp, M. Yerlikaya
Pages: 419 - 428

Steel fibres for the shear resistance of high strength concrete beams
Author(s): S.P.F. Santos, J.A.O. Barros, L.A.P. Lourenço
Pages: 429 - 439

Rate sensitivity of HPFRCC tensile loading: From quasi -static to high strain rates
Author(s): E. Cadoni, A. Meda, G.A. Plizzari
Pages: 441 - 450

Strengthening of masonry using sprayed strain hardening cement-based composites (SHCC)
Author(s): A.-E. Bruedern, D. Abecasis, V. Mechtcherine
Pages: 451 - 460

Extrusion of ECC: Recent developments and applications
Author(s): H. Stang, H. Fredslund-Hansen, T. Puclin, B. Harrington
Pages: 461 - 470

Behaviour of strain hardening cenment-based composites in tension and compression
Author(s): V. Mechtcherine, P. Jun
Pages: 471 - 481

Application of engineered cementitious composites in modular floor panels
Author(s): L.H. Lárusson, G. Fischer, J. Jönsson
Pages: 483 - 493

Flexural capacity of steel reinforced engineered cememtitious composite beam
Author(s): S.B. Singh, M.V.R. Sivasubramanian
Pages: 495 - 500

A new notched beam test for the flexural characterization of fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): G.P. Gava, L.R. Prudęncio Jr.
Pages: 501 - 511

Development of design guidelines for strain softening fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): C. Sanakom, M. Yekani-Fard, B. Mobasher
Pages: 513 - 523

The effect of steel fibre on concrete conductivity and its relation to on-site material assessment
Author(s): R. Felicetti, L. Ferrara
Pages: 525 - 535

Mechanical characterization of fiber reinforced concrete with steel and polyester fiber
Author(s): E. Vasanelli, F. Micelli, M.A. Aiello, G. Plizzari
Pages: 537 - 546

A comparative study of the resistance of high performance concrete and reactive powder concrete to penetration of water and chlorides
Author(s): M. Neelamegam, J.K. Dattatreya, K.V. Harish, D.S. Sabitha
Pages: 547 - 557

Effects of fiber types and additives on the performance of fiber-cement roofing sheets
Author(s): H. Kus, E. Korkmaz, E. Özgür
Pages: 559 - 565

Effect of polyvinylalcohol fibres on the durability of concrete with coarse aggregates
Author(s): K. Holschemacher, S. Höer
Pages: 567 - 576

Creep behaviour of cracked steel fibre reinforced concrete beams
Author(s): B.E. Barragán, R.L. Zerbino
Pages: 577 - 586

Behaviour of slurry infiltrated fibrous concrete with metakaolin
Author(s): C. Sashidhar, H.S. Rao, N.V. Ramana, K. Gnaneswar
Pages: 587 - 593

Evolution of the flexural behaviour of precracked SFRC in marine environment
Author(s): P. Serna, S.E. Arango
Pages: 595 - 605

Investigation of strength and toughness of FRHPC after exposure to high temperature
Author(s): Y. Ding, S. Jalali, C. Niederegger
Pages: 607 - 616

Tunnel linings of fiber reinforced concrete combined with traditional reinforcement
Author(s): G. Tiberti, G.A. Plizzari
Pages: 617 - 629

Use of synthetic fibres for fire resistant tunnel concretes - Summary of general requirements
Author(s): F. Dehn
Pages: 631 - 640

Self consolidating fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): S.P. Shah, L. Ferrara
Pages: 641 - 659

Rheology of fibre reinforced cementitious materials: Classification and prediction
Author(s): L. Martinie, P. Rossi, N. Roussel
Pages: 661 - 666

Experimental study of the bond between steel reinforcement and self-compacting high strength fiber reinforced cementitious composites
Author(s): A.K.F. Cheung, C.K.Y. Leung
Pages: 667 - 677

Strength and behaviour of steel fibre reinforced self compacting concrete columns
Author(s): N. Ganesan, P.V. Indira, P.T. Santhosh Kumar
Pages: 679 - 687

Tensile behaviour of reinforced concrete specimens constructed with steel fibers and SCC
Author(s): H. Aoude, W.D. Cook, D. Mitchell
Pages: 689 - 698

Experimental study on bond of prestressing strand in SCC and FRC
Author(s): J.R. Martí, L.A. Caro, S. Arango, P. Serna
Pages: 699 - 709

Studies on the relation between fiber orientation and flexural performance of SFRSCC
Author(s): M.Y. Yardimci, B. Baradan, M.A. Tasdemir
Pages: 711 - 718

Fibre orientation in self-compacting fibre reinforced concrete
Author(s): L. Vandewalle, G. Heirman, F. van Rickstal
Pages: 719 - 728

Orientation and distribution of steel fibres in self-compacting concrete
Author(s): M.C. Torrijos, J.M. Tobes, B.E. Barragán, R.L. Zerbino
Pages: 729 - 738

Tailoring optimum performance for the structural use of self consolidating SFRC
Author(s): L. Ferrara, M. di Prisco, R.S. Khurana
Pages: 739 - 750

Behavior under direct tension and bending of self-consolidating concrete reinforced with high volume fractions of steel fibers
Author(s): V. Velasco, R.D. Toledo Filho, E.M.R. Fairbairn
Pages: 751 - 759

On the behavior of contruction joints in FRC pavements
Author(s): B. Belletti, L. Cominoli, A. Meda, G.A. Plizzari
Pages: 761 - 771

Numerical study of the role of fibres in the preliminary lining of tunnels
Author(s): P. Bernardi, R. Cerioni, E. Michelini, M. Migliazza
Pages: 773 - 783

Performance enhancement of TC frames under cyclic loading using rural fibre composites
Author(s): M. Sivaraja, S. Kandasamy
Pages: 785 - 792

A study of the flexural behaviour of glass fibre reinforced self compacting concrete
Author(s): T. Suresh Babu, M.V. Seshagiri Rao, D. Rama Seshu
Pages: 793 - 802

Ductibility of glass fibre reinforced gypsum wall panels subjected to cyclic (reversed) loading
Author(s): M. Janardhana, A. Meher Prasad, D. Menon
Pages: 803 - 812

Structural behavior of glass fiber reinforced gypsum walls
Author(s): Y.-F. Wu
Pages: 813 - 829

Glass fiber reinforced gypsum panel for faster construction and environmental protection
Author(s): P.K. Gopinathan, P. Dinakar
Pages: 831 - 840

Design of axially loaded concrete filled glass fiber reinforced gypsum wall panels
Author(s): R.L. Sreenivasa, D. Menon, A. Meher Prasad
Pages: 841 - 848

Macro model of fiber plasterboard filled with reinforced concrete
Author(s): J.-W. Yue, D.-T. Wang, Y.-W. Peng
Pages: 849 - 858

Experimental study of reinforced concrete beams and slabs with and without fibers
Author(s): D.L. Venkatesh Babu, A. Sudhahar, V. Nithya, S. Boopathy Raja
Pages: 859 - 865

Significance of polyester fibers on the flexural strength of ferrocement hollow floor slabs
Author(s): D. Shoba Rajkumar, R. Sundararajan
Pages: 867 - 876

Shear strength of partially prestressed fibre reinforced concrete beams
Author(s): N.A. Lloyd, I.J. Chandler
Pages: 877 - 886

Steel fibre concrete as an alternative for traditional shear reinforcement in pretensioned concrete beams
Author(s): P. De Pauw, L. Taerwe, N. van den Buverie, W. Moerman
Pages: 887 - 898

Post-tensioned SFRC beams
Author(s): M. di Prisco, D. Dozio
Pages: 899 - 909

Punching shear response in fiber reinforced bridge decks
Author(s): A. Grimaldi, A. Meda, Z. Rinaldi
Pages: 911 - 920

Bearing capacity of SFRC flat slabs with openings in the column area: Experimental and numerical investigation
Author(s): J. Michels, D. Waldmann, S. Maas, A. Zürbes
Pages: 921 - 930

Punching shear strength and deformation capacity of fiber reinforced concrete slab-column connections under earthquake-type loading
Author(s): G.J. Parra-Montesinos, M.-Y. Cheng, C.K. Shield
Pages: 931 - 940

Free suspended elevated slabs of steel fiber reinforced concrete: Full scale test results and design
Author(s): X. Destrée
Pages: 941 - 950

Design of bridge parapets in high and ultra high performance fibre reinforced concretes
Author(s): J.-P. Charron, E. Niamba, B. Massicotte
Pages: 951 - 960

Pull-out behavior of anchor bolt embedded in high performance fiber reinforced cementitious composite
Author(s): T. Kikuta, H. Mihashi, C. Donguk, N. Ishikawa
Pages: 961 - 968

Seismic retrofitting of rectangular bridge piers with UHPFRC jackets
Author(s): B. Massicotte, G. Boucher-Proulx
Pages: 969 - 975

Seismic strengthening of existing structures by means of fibre reinforced concrete floor diaphragms
Author(s): A. Marini, C. Zanotti, G. Plizzari
Pages: 977 - 987

Evaluation of the test method for crushing strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete pipes
Author(s): A.D. de Figueiredo
Pages: 989 - 1000

Performance of passive-vibation-control panel for wooden frame made of DFRCC thin board
Author(s): K. Yamada, I. Sasaki, S. Ishiyama
Pages: 1001 - 1006

Performance classes for steel fibre reinforced concrete: Be critical
Author(s): A.N. Lambrechts
Pages: 1007 - 1020

Combined reinforcement - Practical experiences
Author(s): G. Vitt
Pages: 1021 - 1028

Experimental study of the self-healing capability of fibre reinforced cementitious composites
Author(s): D. Honma, H. Mihashi, T. Nishiwaki
Pages: 1029 - 1038

Stress versus crack opening displacement response of FRC composites with different fibers
Author(s): S. Suwannakarn, A.E. Namaan, S. El-Tawil
Pages: 1039 - 1054

Experimental and analytical study of SFRC segmental tunnel linings in service conditions
Author(s): C. Molins, O. Arnau
Pages: 1055 - 1064

An experimental investigation of characteristic properties of hybrid fibre reinforced concrete subjected to elevated temperatures
Author(s): K. Ravi, K.B. Prakash
Pages: 1065 - 1070

Tensile performance of precracked SHCC after freeze-thaw cycles
Author(s): K. Rokugo, M. Moriyama, H. Kato, S.-C. Lim
Pages: 1071 - 1078

Evaluating uniaxial tensile behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete using a meso-scale model
Author(s): F. Laranjeira, A. Aguado, C. Molins
Pages: 1079 - 1088

Investigations on the lead - steel hybrid fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): B.H. Bharatkumar, V. Udhayakumar, K. Balasubramanian, T.S. Krishnamoorthy, N. Lakshmanan, A. Sharma, G.R. Reddy
Pages: 1089 - 1097

Fatigue studies on hybrid steel fiber reinforced concrete for rigid pavements
Author(s): A. Chandrashekhar, A.U. Ravi Shankar
Pages: 1099 - 1107

Effect of heat on the structural characteristics and water absorption behaviour of hemp fibers
Author(s): D. Saika
Pages: 1109 - 1118

Behaviour of RC beams with continuous inclined reinforcement under reverse cyclic
Author(s): N. Lakshmanan, B.H. Bharatkumar, V. Udhayakumar, K. Balasubramanian, T.S. Krishnamoorthy, C. Rajagopal, G.K. Mishra
Pages: 1119 - 1136

Residual comprehensive strength of SCC with polypropylene fibres under elevated temperature
Author(s): H. Narendra, K.U. Muthu, I. Azmi, M. Hashem
Pages: 1137 - 1142

Enhancing structural ductility and performance in hybrid reinforced concrete composites
Author(s): V.S. Gopalaratnam
Pages: 1143 - 1146

On the distribution of fibers in self compacing concrete
Author(s): P.N.D. Tanikella, R. Gettu
Pages: 1147 - 1153