Proceedings pro065 : 2nd International Symposium on Design, Performance and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete SCC'2009

Title: 2nd International Symposium on Design, Performance and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete SCC'2009
Edited by C. Shi, Z.Yu, K.H. Khayat and P. Yan
ISBN: 978-2-35158-073-8
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-093-6
Pages: 913
Publication date: 2009

The first International Symposium on Design, Performance and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC’2005-China) was held in Changsha, May 26-28, 2005. More than 130 participants from 15 countries attended the conference. Approximately 80 papers were selected for publication in the proceedings. During the past four years, significant progress has been made in the research, development, and implementation of SCC technology, which is reflected in the second International Symposium on Design, Performance and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC’2009-China).

The Organizing Committee of the SCC’2009-China received more than 90 papers from all over the world. Several leading experts on SCC have been invited at the three panel sessions. SCC’2009 Conference covers several key aspects of SCC science and technology, including fundamental and material science aspects, admixture technology, workability and rheology, modelling of granular flow, test methods, mix design, production, processing and placement, aesthetics, durability, engineering properties, structural behaviour, and economics.

We are very appreciative of the generous financial support of sponsors. Finally, we would like to thank the Organizing Committee and International Technical Committee members for their diligent work in bringing this conference to success!


Author(s): C. Shi, Z. Yu, K.H. Khayat, P. Yan
Pages: XX - XX

I. Keynote lectures

1.Self-Consolidating concrete: now and future
Author(s): S.P. Shah, R.P. Ferron, N.A. Tregger, L. Ferrara, M.W. Beacraft
Pages: 3 - 15

2. Recent development of PC superplasticizers
Author(s): C. Shi
Pages: 16 - 25

3. Characterization of fresh SCC properties with electrical resistivity
Author(s): Z. Li, L. Xiao, Y. Tian
Pages: 26 - 34

4. Status of self consolidating concrete (SCC) in Asia Pacific
Author(s): S.M.F. Asmus, B.J. Christensen
Pages: 35 - 42

5. Evaluation of SCC formwork pressure
Author(s): K.H. Khayat, A.F. Omran
Pages: 43 - 55

6. Modeling formwork pressure of SCC
Author(s): D.A. Lange, Y-S. Liu, J. Henschen
Pages: 56 - 63

7. Relationships between rheological properties and pumping of fresh self-compacting concrete
Author(s): D. Feyes, R. Verhoeven, G. De Schutter
Pages: 64 - 73

8. Early-age shrinkage and cracking of self-compacting concrete: measurement techniques and mitigation strategies
Author(s): C. Miao, Q. Tian, J. Liu
Pages: 74 - 84

II. Raw materials and mix design for SCC

9. Green design of reactive powder concrete by using Fuller's ideal curve
Author(s): C.L. Hwang, S.L. Hsieh, C.H. Lee
Pages: 87 - 95

10. Role of condensed silica fume in SCC-equivalent mortar
Author(s): W.W.S. Fung, I.Y.T. Ng, P.L. Ng, A.K.H. Kwan
Pages: 96 - 104

11. Optimizing mixing sequence and mixing time for SCC
Author(s): I.Y.T. Ng, P.L. Ng, W.W.S. Fung, A.K.H. Kwan
Pages: 105 - 113

12. Optimized design of aggregate particle size distribution for self-compacting concrete
Author(s): B. Zhu, G. Ye, Z. Li, T. Tang, H. Xin
Pages: 114 - 125

13. Development of carbon nanofiber self-consolidating concrete
Author(s): D. Gao, M.S. Sturm, Y.L. Mo
Pages: 126 - 134

14. A critical review of proportioning techniques for self-compacting concrete
Author(s): L. Tang, B. Schouenborg
Pages: 135 - 144

15. Discussion on mixture ratio design methods of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): Z. Li, J. Rui, J. Zhuang
Pages: 145 - 151

16. Self-compacting steel fiber reinforced concrete - A study about the influence of fibre content and concrete composition
Author(s): K. Holschemacher, T. Mueller
Pages: 152 - 161

17. Effect of adding micro-vegetable fiber in the mix design and resistance of self compacting concrete
Author(s): M.A.S. Mohamed, G. Wardeh, E. Ghorbel
Pages: 162 - 173

18. Investigation on SCC with two gradations of aggregates for hydraulic engineering
Author(s): L. Ke-liang, L. Jian-ping, W. Yong
Pages: 174 - 182

19. Optimization of powder fineness and water/powder ratio to improve segregation resistance of SCC
Author(s): D. Lowke, T. Krankel, P. Schiebl
Pages: 183 - 193

20. Admixtures for ultra-high strength (UHS) self consolidating concrete (SCC)
Author(s): J. Kluegge, A. Ohta, S. Asmus
Pages: 194 - 200

21. Effect of coarse aggregate on properties of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): T. Krankel, D. Lowke, P. Schießl
Pages: 201 - 211

22. An aggregate-space model for self-compacting concrete
Author(s): G. Long, Y. Xie, Y. Liu, Z. Yu
Pages: 212 - 218

23. A preliminary study of the properties of self-compacting concretes mixed with alkaline redox potential water
Author(s): B. Sun, L. Wang, D. Liu
Pages: 219 - 226

24. Super slump retaining PCE based admixtures for self consolidating concrete applications in the pre-cast concrete industry
Author(s): N. Karl, J. Yang, S. Asmus, J. Kluegge
Pages: 227 - 235

25. Slump flow model for evaluating of the rheological parameters of fresh FRSCC
Author(s): S. Liu, Y. Ding
Pages: 236 - 245

26. A new viscosity modifying agent (VMA) for low fines content self-consolidating concrete (SCC)
Author(s): M. Corradi, J. Kluegge, N. Kar, B. Christensen, J. Yang
Pages: 246 - 254

27. Mix proportion design in self-compacting high performance concrete and its application in dalian futures mansion
Author(s): B.MN. Wang, L.Y. Zhao, J. Li
Pages: 255 - 259

III. Workability of SCC

28. Experimental study on fine grain sand effect on mortar flow in high--performance concrete
Author(s): A. Miyazawa, M. Ozawa, H. Morimoto
Pages: 262 - 269

29. Study on the flow properties of cementitious materials with an amphoteric copolymer
Author(s): W-H. Weng, K-C. Hsu
Pages: 270 - 276

30. Significance of mortar film thickness to the workability of SCC
Author(s): I.Y.T. Ng, W.W.S. Fung, P.L. Ng, A.K.H. Kwan
Pages: 277 - 286

31. Influence or air content on the steady state rheological properties of fresh self-compacting concrete, without air entraining agents
Author(s): D. Feys, R. Nicolas, R. Verhoeven, G. De Schutter
Pages: 287 - 295

32. Application study of viscosity reducing type superplasticizers for low water binder ratio concrete
Author(s): T. Sugiyama, T. Matsumoto, A. Ohta
Pages: 296 - 302

33. A multi-scale investigation on the effect of viscosity modifying admixtures on the flowability and stability of self compacting concrete
Author(s): M. Shekarchi, N.A. Libre, R. Khoshnazar, S.D. Marvasty, R.R. Nia
Pages: 303 - 311

34. Investigation on the scattering-filling stone self-consolidating concrete
Author(s): W. Shen, Z. Cai, T. Zhang, J. Hu, M. Zhou, W. Ma
Pages: 312 - 322

IV. Properties of Hardened SCC

35. Time dependency of chloride migration coefficient in self-compacting concrete
Author(s): K. Audenaert, G. De Schutter
Pages: 325 - 334

36. Effect of harsh environment on properties of self compacting concrete
Author(s): E. Vejmelkova, M. Jerman, P. Konvalinka, R. Cerny
Pages: 335 - 342

37. Durability properties of self compacting concrete produced using blast furnace slag
Author(s): E. Vejmelkova, M. Jerman, P. Konvalinka, S. Grzeszczyk, R. Cerny
Pages: 343 - 350

38. Flow and strength characteristics of SCC containing limestone and chalk powders
Author(s): B. Singh, R. Kumar, A. Singh Mukati
Pages: 351 - 361

39. Comparison of creep of Brazilian self-compacting concretes with different prediction models
Author(s): A.C. Marques, L.T. Kataoka, M.A. da Silva Machado, T.N. Bittencourt, M.P. Barbosa
Pages: 362 - 370

40. Influence of temperature, cement and plasticizer type on the rheology of paste
Author(s): H. Vicar
Pages: 371 - 380

41. Strength properties and chloride permeability of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): R. Siddique, P. Aggarwal, J. Khatib, Y. Aggarwal
Pages: 381 - 390

42. Compressive strength modeling of SCC using linear regression and artificial neural network approach
Author(s): R. Siddique, P. Aggarwal, Y. Aggarwal
Pages: 391 - 398

43. Effect of surface applied corrosion inhibitors on the durability of chloride-contaminated self-compaction concrete
Author(s): Z. Liu, C. Miao, J. Liu, W. Zhou
Pages: 399 - 409

44. Cracking test and analysis of self-compacting concrete at early age
Author(s): J. Wang, Y. Wang
Pages: 410 - 415

45. Shear friction of reinforced concrete members in self-compacting concrete
Author(s): P. Desnerck, L. Taerwe, G. De Schutter
Pages: 416 - 425

46. Analysis on ITZ structure of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): C. Yang, W. Chong, Y. Tao, Y. Wang, Z. Wang, Y. Jianxiong, Y. Lin
Pages: 426 - 434

47. Influence of self-compacting concrete composition on sulphuric acid attack
Author(s): D. Feyes, Z. Liu, G. Heirman, G. De Schutter, V. Boel, B. Desmet, J. Vantomme, O. Cizer, L. Vandewalle, D. Van Gemert
Pages: 435 - 443

48. The properties of self-compacting lightweight aggregate concrete
Author(s): H-J. Chen, K-C. Jane, J-L. Peng
Pages: 444 - 451

49. Predicting the compressive strengh of self-compacting concrete using artificial neural network
Author(s): Z-R. Yu, A. Ming-zhe, Z. Ming-bo
Pages: 452 - 459

50. Effect of freezing-thawing cycles on the physical and mechanical characteristics of concrete
Author(s): M.A.S. Mohamed, G. Wardeh, E. Ghorbel
Pages: 460 - 472

51. Increase of SCC robustness to varying aggregate moisture content using VMA
Author(s): P. Billberg
Pages: 473 - 482

52. Statistical properties of steam-cured-plant produced SCC for prestressed precast applications
Author(s): L. Ferrara
Pages: 483 - 494

53. Effect of cellulose fibre on properties of self-compacting concrete with high-volume mineral admixtres
Author(s): Z. Jiang, N. Banthia, S. Delbar
Pages: 495 - 505

54. Statistical models to predict mechanical and visco-elastic properties of SCC designated for precast/prestressed applications
Author(s): J. Wu, K.H. Khayat
Pages: 506 - 525

55. Evaluation of the cement paste thixotropy
Author(s): B. Helnan-Moussa, J.Y. Petit, Y. Vanhove, E. Wirquin
Pages: 526 - 533

56. Experimental study on fiber reinforced high performance SCC and its application in tubbing segment
Author(s): H. Liu, Y. Ding
Pages: 534 - 541

57. The effects of expander admixture on strength and shrinkage cracking properties of self-compacting concrete by using artificial sand
Author(s): Q. Vuong, L-H. Jiang, C-W. Miao, J-X. Hong, S-Z. Zhang
Pages: 542 - 550

58. Long term behaviour of self-compacting fibre-reinforced concrete beams
Author(s): N. Buratti, C. Mazzotti
Pages: 551 - 561

59. The investigation of shear behaviour of R.C. beams of self-compacting concrete with high strength
Author(s): H.R. Ebrahimi, M.H.A. Beygi
Pages: 562 - 576

60. Research on impact properties of flexible fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete in middle-low intensity
Author(s): X. He, Q. Yang
Pages: 577 - 585

61. Study on performances of steel fiber reinforced C55 grade self-compacting concrete
Author(s): B. Li, H. Gao, G. Cui, J. Zha
Pages: 586 - 595

62. Properties of cement-based materials coated with shrinkage reducing agents
Author(s): Z. Wang, D. Qiao, J. Qian, L. Shi, C. Shi
Pages: 596 - 605

63. Effect of viscosity modifying agents on the rheology properties of cement paste with polycarboxylate superplasticizer
Author(s): D. Wang, Z. Liu, Z. Wu, W. Xiong, Y. Zuo
Pages: 606 - 614

64. Rock-filled concrete in China - Self compacting concrete for massive concrete
Author(s): X. An, M. Huang, H. Zhou, F. Jin
Pages: 615 - 627

65. Transient strain of self-compacting concrete exposed to high temperature
Author(s): J. Tao, X. Liu, Y. Yuan, Luc Taerwe
Pages: 628 - 638

66. Parameters determining the flow of concrete matrix
Author(s): H. Vikan, H. Justnes
Pages: 639 - 648

67. Carbonation of medium strength SCC
Author(s): Y. Xie, K. Ma, G. Long
Pages: 649 - 656

68. Drying shrinkage of medium strength Scc
Author(s): K. Ma, Y. Xie, G. Long, Y. Luo
Pages: 657 - 663

69. Effect of maximum aggregate size in air-entrained eco-SCC
Author(s): F.V. Mueller, O.H. Wallevik
Pages: 664 - 673

V. Structural performance

70. Arching action in steel reinforced self-compacting concrete slabs
Author(s): S.E. Taylor, M. Sonebi, D. Kidd, W. McCord
Pages: 676 - 686

71. Anticorrosive behavior of sefl-consolidating reinforced concrete beams after cracked
Author(s): G. Chin-hsiang, H. Chao-lung
Pages: 687 - 696

72. A self-compact concrete-steel composite structure for electrical transmission tower
Author(s): J. Chen, Y. Ye, X-H. Sheng, D-Y. Huang, W-L. Jin
Pages: 697 - 702

73. Experimental study on factors influencing creep of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): J. Zheng, P. Chao, S. Luo
Pages: 703 - 709

74. Effect of fly ash on the stress-strain behaviour of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): S. Luo, P. Chao
Pages: 710 - 716

VI. Constructability and Applications of SCC

75. Taiwan experience and recommendation of using SCC
Author(s): C.L. Hwang, C.T. Chenb, T.J. Chen, W.C. Chend, C.Y. Tsaie
Pages: 719 - 724

76. Minimum thickness of simply supported rectangular SCC slabs using tension stiffening model
Author(s): K.U. Muthu, H. Narendra, H. Mattarneh, M. Vijay Anand, S. Ganesh
Pages: 725 - 733

77. Self-consolidating concrete for slip form construction: mix design method and application
Author(s): K. Wang, S. Shah, G. Lu, J. Grove
Pages: 734 - 744

78. Underwater concreting using self-compacting grout with two stage concrete
Author(s): H.S. Abdelgader, A.S. El-Baden, A.M. Othman
Pages: 745 - 754

79. The use of SCC for the containment of high level radioactive waste
Author(s): B. Craeye, G. De Schutter, H. Van Humbeeck
Pages: 755 - 765

80. Developing practical SCC mixes for surface quality at a small precast concrete plant
Author(s): W. Zhu, S. Black
Pages: 766 - 775

81. Quantifying structural build-up through experimental measurements
Author(s): R. Ferron, S.P. Shah
Pages: 776 - 786

82. Performance analysis of self-compacting concrete in the construction of shanxi university lecture building
Author(s): S-Y. Wu
Pages: 787 - 793

83. Bonding between self-consolidating concrete and old existing concrete
Author(s): B. Peng, W. Yi, C. Shi
Pages: 794 - 800

84. Application of self-compacting concrete for bridge repair
Author(s): X-F. Wang
Pages: 801 - 807

85. Experiences with SCC to increase the productivity and applications of prefabricated elements in Mexico
Author(s): R.E. Rodrigues Camacho, G.G. Martinez Corona, R. Uribe Afif, H.J. Montano Roman
Pages: 808 - 816

86. Application of self-compacting concrete in Beijing
Author(s): P. Yan, C. Yu
Pages: 817 - 822

87. Status of self -consolidating concrete (SCC) in Asia Pacific
Author(s): S.M.F. Asmus, B.J. Christensen
Pages: 823 - 830

88. Self-compacting concrete, worldwide experience
Author(s): S. Zhang, D. Hughes, A.A. Jeknavorian, T. Nishimura, K. Yang
Pages: 831 - 840

89. Prediction of spacing and width of cracks for steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete flexural elements
Author(s): N. Ganesan, P.V. Indira, P.T. Santhosh Kumar
Pages: 841 - 850

90. Development of self-compacting concrete to produce precast cladding panels
Author(s): C. Sui, M. Sonebi, A. Gupta, S. Taylor
Pages: 851 - 859

91. Research and application of self-compacting concrete
Author(s): Z. Yu, Y. Xie, X. Liu
Pages: 860 - 870

92. The application of rheological method on the research of super-early-strength self-compacting concrete
Author(s): R. Enping, Z. Shao, W. Qiang, Z. Xin, X. Zhong
Pages: 871 - 877

93. Rheological properties of alkali activated cement for oil well lining
Author(s): C. Ruiz-Santaquiteria, A. Fernandez-Jimenez, A. Palomo
Pages: 878 - 891