The development of high-performance concrete with polyethylhydrosiloxane-based admixtures

Authors: K. Sobolev, V. Batrakov
Paper category: conference
Book title: Concrete Durability and Service Life Planning – ConcreteLife’09
Editor(s): K. Kovler
Print ISBN: 978-2-35158-074-5
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-085-1
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2009
Pages: 302 – 310
Total Pages: 9
Language: English

Abstract: This paper assesses durability of a high-performance concrete with large volumes of supplementary cementitious materials modified by a polyethylhydrosiloxane-based admixture and a superplasticizer. The study introduces the concept of a modified multi-component binder, comprised of portland cement, finely ground supplementary cementitious material (fly ash, ponded ash, or granulated blast furnace slag), and a highly reactive powder component (usually silica fume), modified by a superplasticizer. The observations indicated that the use of the superplasticizer and polyethylhydrosiloxane admixtures yields the required air content and air void spacing factor required for the freezing and thawing resistance. The research
confirmed that the polyethylhydrosiloxane admixture has a beneficial effect on the durability of concrete with large volumes of supplementary cementitious materials.

Online publication: 2012-05-16
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