Proceedings pro072 : First International Conference on Advances in Chemically-Activated Materials CAM'2010

Title: First International Conference on Advances in Chemically-Activated Materials CAM'2010
Edited by Caijun Shi and Xiaodong Shen
ISBN: 978-2-35158-101-8
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-115-5
Pages: 264
Publication date: 2010

Chemically activated materials usually consist of potentially cementitious components and chemical activator(s). The cementitious components include granulated blast furnace slag, granulated phosphorus slag, steel slag, coal fly ash, volcanic glasses, zeolite, metakaolin, silica fume and non-ferrous slags. Caustic alkalis, alkaline salts and calcium chloride are the most common activators. During the past two decades, alkali-activated cements and concretes have attracted strong interests all over the world due to their advantages of low energy cost, high strength and good durability compared to Portland cements. A major incentive for further development of such cements is generated by low CO2 emission and generation of vast amounts of industrial by-products such as coal fly ash, steel slag, non-ferrous slags, etc. Applications for chemically activated materials are being increasingly explored and tried because of its many advantages over conventional Portland cement.

Alkali-activated cements and concretes have been used for many applications in China. However, there are still no official standards and specifications for the testing and evaluation of the properties of this type of materials in many countries. This is the first international conference held in China in the field of chemically activated materials. More than a dozen of experts from Europe, Australia and Canada were invited to present on different topics of chemically activated materials. A total of 39 papers from 15 countries were received and 29 of them are selected in this proceedings. It is hoped that this conference will promote exchange of the most recent information, development of test methods and specifications and lead to increased acceptance and use of chemically activated materials.


Author(s): Caijun Shi, Xiaodong Shen
Pages: XIII - XIII

A. Keynote lectures

On the state and roles of anion or anion group of activators during activation of slag
Author(s): Caijun Shi, Fuqiang He
Pages: 3 - 14

ASCEM cement technology - alkali-activated cement based on synthetic slag made from fly ash
Author(s): Caijun Shi, Fuqiang He
Pages: 15 - 21

Commercial progress in geopolymer concretes: linking research to applications
Author(s): J.S.J. van Deventer, P. Duxson, D.G. Brice, J.L. Provis
Pages: 22 - 27

Searching for practically applicable alkali-activated concretes
Author(s): V. Bilek, T. Opravil, F. Soukal
Pages: 28 - 35

Corrosion behaviour of steel embedded in activated fly ash mortars
Author(s): M. Criado, A. Fernández Jiménez, A. Palomo
Pages: 36 - 44

Updated review on AAM research in China
Author(s): Zhihuan Pan, Nanru Yang
Pages: 45 - 55

B. General papers

Tailoring geopolymer structure to improve material performance
Author(s): J.L. Provis, J.S.J. van Deventer
Pages: 58 - 65

The study of alkaline-activated magnesium slag cementitious material
Author(s): L.G. Xiao, F. Luo
Pages: 66 - 71

Mechanical strength development of alkaline fly ash cements: a long-term study
Author(s): P.V. Krivenko, O. Kovalchuk, G. Kovalchuk
Pages: 72 - 78

Super quick hardening alkali - activated cements
Author(s): P.V. Krivenko, O.N. Petropavlovskii, A.R. Blazhis
Pages: 79 - 86

The performance characteristics of alkali actiated mortar made from UK and Australian slag
Author(s): D.W. Law, A.A. Adam, T.K. Molyneaux, I. Patnaikuni
Pages: 87 - 93

Early microstructure development of fly-ash based geopolymer
Author(s): J. Duchesne, L. Duong, T. Bostrom
Pages: 94 - 99

Study on non-cement based alkali activated material for oil and gas well cementing at low and moderate temperature
Author(s): H.J. Zhu, X. Yao, Z.H. Zhang
Pages: 100 - 106

Effect of C4A3S on the management of industrial wastes in cementitious materials
Author(s): Hong Huang, Xiaodong Shen
Pages: 107 - 117

Hydration of sodium silicate-activated binders made with cement kiln dust and fly ash
Author(s): Z. Ge, K.J. Wang
Pages: 118 - 130

Effect of alkali-activator on alkali-aggregate reaction of slag-based geopolymer
Author(s): Q. Wang, Z. Y. Ding, L. Li, C.Y. Zhang, Z.T. Sui
Pages: 131 - 138

Constructive properties of the concretes made with alkali-activated cements of new generation
Author(s): P.V. Krivenko, O.N. Petropavlovskii, G.V. Vozniuk, V.I. Pushkar
Pages: 139 - 146

The effect of alkali on destructive and constructive processes during alkali-aggregate reaction
Author(s): P.V. Krivenko, A.G. Gelevera, Yu.V. Fedorenko
Pages: 147 - 154

Microstructural observations of fly-ash geopolymer composites with different curing conditions
Author(s): S.T. Lee, J.H. Lee, K.T. Koh, G.S. Ryu, H.S. Jung, D.S. Kim, J.N. Hwang, H.J. Kim
Pages: 155 - 161

Effect of alkaline activating solutions on the mechanical properties and microstructure of fly ash-based geopolymers
Author(s): Y. Ma, G. Ye, K. van Breugel
Pages: 162 - 170

Thermochemistry study of the effect of alkali content on the early geopolymerisation at room temperature
Author(s): Z. Zhang, X. Yao, H. Wang
Pages: 171 - 180

Synthesis of geopolymer composite and its mechanical performance
Author(s): Yao Jun Zhang, Sheng Li, Ya Chao Wang, De Long Xu
Pages: 181 - 186

Effect of dolomite on the behaviour of geopolymers with mixed fly ash and metakaolin as Al-Si sources
Author(s): Duyou Lu, Qiang Zhu, Zhongzi Xu
Pages: 187 - 197

Study on shrinkage performance of slag-based geopolymer concrete
Author(s): Q. Wang, X. Tu, L. Li, Z.Y. Ding, Z.T. Sui
Pages: 198 - 205

Geocement-based coatings for effective protection of metal structures against aggressive environments
Author(s): P.V. Krivenko, S.G. Guziy, L. Gric, P. Fabian
Pages: 206 - 215

Resistance of alkali-activated slag-mortars to carbonation
Author(s): Juan He, Chang-hui Yang, Chun-fei Lv
Pages: 216 - 224

The use of geopolymerization process for boron fixation in fly ash
Author(s): Januarti J. Ekaputri, Koichi Maeawa, Tetsuya Ishida
Pages: 225 - 232

Investigation on heavy metal and radioactive metal solidification by geopolymer materials
Author(s): K.L. Li, L.H. Jiang, Y.B. Cai
Pages: 233 - 241

New Ukrainian standard "alkali-activated cements"
Author(s): E.S. Kavalerova, P.V. Krivenko, G.S. Rostovaskaya
Pages: 242 - 247