Proceedings pro003 : Joint International Workshop on Evaluation and Strengthening of Existing Masonry Structures

Title: Joint International Workshop on Evaluation and Strengthening of Existing Masonry Structures
Edited by L. Binda and C. Modena
ISBN: 2-912143-02-0
e-ISBN: 2351580141
Pages: 234
Publication date: 1995

RILEM TC 127-MS and CIB W23 Committees are the two main international scientific bodies which have made efforts in recent years to lay down recommendations and codes of practice on repair and strengthening of historic and monumental buildings. The reports and drafts produced by the two Committees are the results of internationally based expertise and knowledge.
The aims of the Workshop were the following:
1) to exchange information among their members about the work developed within the two Committees
2) to find topics of common interest and join the efforts avoiding possible overlapping,
3) to stimulate new work covering the interests of the Committees,
4) to help setting up new Committees in the field of investigation, diagnosis, repair, restoration and conservation of masonry structures. Some experts well-known in the field of masonry repair and strengthening were invited to attend the Workshop in order to give information and to stimulate the future work of the Committee members. They were also encouraged to suggest new areas and topics not covered by the drafts already in preparation by RILEM TC 127-MS and CIB W23.


Pages: VII - VIII

Pages: X - X

Note from the editors
Pages: XI - XI

Role of a RILEM Committee: Calibration of proposed test methods
Author(s): L. Binda
Pages: 1 - 24

Criteria for cautious repair of historic buildings
Author(s): C. Modena
Pages: 25 - 42

Criteria for repair and strengthening of masonry structures in seismic areas
Author(s): M. Tomazevic
Pages: 43 - 57

Guidelines for diagnosis and criteria for cautious repair of historic buildings
Author(s): F. Wenzel
Pages: 59 - 63

Special applications of the principles of CIB recomendations for repair and strengthening of existing masonry structures
Author(s): D. Pume
Pages: 65 - 83

The work of the RILEM Committee 127-MS: Masonry materials and structures
Author(s): R.C. de Vekey
Pages: 85 - 92

Triaxial tests on mortar taken from bed joints
Author(s): S. Stockl
Pages: 93 - 106

Experimental approach to a procedure for the investigation of historic mortars
Author(s): G. Baronio, L. Binda
Pages: 107 - 115

Initial rate of absorption and porosity
Author(s): C. Groot
Pages: 117 - 125

Durability testing models and methods for masonry
Author(s): P.C.F. Bekker
Pages: 127 - 142

Some test methods for stone-like materials to be considered for RILEM recommendation
Author(s): L. van der Klugt, R. van Hess
Pages: 143 - 161

Investigation of a stone masonry bridge using electromagnetics
Author(s): C. Colla, D. McCann, P. Das, M.C. Forde
Pages: 163 - 171

Acoustic tomography for evaluation of unreinforced masonry
Author(s): M. Schuller, M. Berra, R. Atkinson, L. Binda
Pages: 173 - 182

Experimental data and numerical models
Author(s): L. Gambarotta, S. Lagomarsino
Pages: 183 - 194

Mortars for restauration of old masonry structures - Guidelines for the preparation and curing of hydrated lime mortars
Author(s): A.M. Waldum
Pages: 195 - 206

Evaluation of cement grout and brick masonry for injection purposes
Author(s): F. van Rickstal, D. van Gemert
Pages: 207 - 215

A new RILEM Committee TC-MMM - Computer modelling of mechanical behaviour of masonry structures
Author(s): G.N. Pande
Pages: 217 - 218

Author(s): G.N. Pande
Pages: 219 - 219

Author(s): G.N. Pande
Pages: 221 - 222