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Mortars in the buildings of Pre-Hispanic Peru: structural behavior studies

Title: Mortars in the buildings of Pre-Hispanic Peru: structural behavior studies
Author(s): H.E. Torres Peceros
Paper category : conference
Book title: 2nd Conference on Historic Mortars - HMC 2010 and RILEM TC 203-RHM final workshop
Editor(s): J. Válek, C. Groot and J.J. Hughes
Print-ISBN: None
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-112-4
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2010
Pages: 761 - 768
Total Pages: 8
Nb references: 7
Language: English

Abstract: The Peruvian’s prehispanic constructions are constituted by buildings of religious, military and social character. The remains that have survived to the present day have different levels of deterioration caused by an action of man or environment. Their conservation is undoubtedly a necessary and also interesting task. The structural evaluation of the Monuments that constitute the archaeological patrimony of Peru should be based on a previous research of the masonry components including mortars. This demands a study that allows to classify and identify the masonry materials so that one proceeds adequately in the identification of the stress levels to which they are submitted and likewise in the design of new Compatible Repair Mortars (MRC). It is important that the new repair mortars contribute appropriately to the preservation of the structure, i.e. they are durable and also provide the required functions. The mortars used in the buildings of the civilizations that developed in the Peruvian territory, which still remains in good conditions, are in some cases more than 4000 years and were able to support hard seismic activities. One has to bearer in mind that in this geographical zone the earthquakes are very frequent and masonry has to absorb stress and displacements without coming to the collapse.

Online publication: 2010-10-25
Publication type : full_text
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