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Book title: Sustainable Raw Materials - Construction and Demolition Waste - State-of-the-Art Report of RILEM TC 165-SRM
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Publication year: 2000
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Amounts of waste materials and recycled products
Oslo and the south eastern part of Norway is the dominant market recycling of building waste due to population density and economical activity. Of a total population of 4.3 million people approximately 1 million live in and around the city of Oslo. Oslo appears to have come the furthest way both in practical recycling of construction waste and in collecting detailed information on waste from building sector. Much of the detailed figures therefore come from Oslo. Recycling activities in less populated areas of the country will by far be linked to specific demolition projects of some size, or for construction waste, to in-house recycling at major concrete factories. Project related figures would naturally show some variation over the years.

The estimated total amount of C&D waste in Norway is 1,2 Mtonnes and 13 Mtonnes for building waste and construction/excavation waste respectively (the highest figure including road materials, tunnel materials etc.) [14]. There is a lack of statistics as to the re-use of construction waste, but a re-use in land fill and as sub base materials is common. As for the building waste (from house building, refurbishing etc.), an estimated 0,1 Mtonnes is being recycled, a similar amount is burned, while the remaining approx. 1 Mtonnes is deposited. Locally, building waste in Norway may have relatively high contents of wooden materials (up to 40% has been mentioned [7]), but the average composition has been found to be Brick (50%), concrete (18%), wood (13%), and miscellaneous (19%) [14].

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