Report rep033 : Industrial Floors - State-of-the-Art Report of RILEM TC 184-IFE

Title: Industrial Floors - State-of-the-Art Report of RILEM TC 184-IFE
Edited by P. Seidler
ISBN: 2-35158-006-0
e-ISBN: 2351580079
Pages: 158
Publication date: 2006

RILEM Technical Committee TC 184 «Industrial Floors» is presenting a state-of-the-art report containing chapters on requirements, defects and damage, diagnosis, repair, testing procedures, standards and literature focused on «intended uses» independent from materials, processes and systems. It is clearly stated that materials have to fulfill the requirements of «intended uses» whereas the great variability of methods is not limited by any regulation and open for improvement.

The report is aimed as a guideline to find relevant sources of knowledge. Defining the state-of-the-art may be a basis for future progress reports. The report presents a long awaited and overdue everyday working tool for anyone concerned with industrial floors in production and warehouses, namely designers, applicators and formulators, but also owners and users. Experts need the report as reference in cases of claims and legal litigations.


Author(s): P. Seidler
Pages: XV - XV

Chapter 1

Author(s): P. Seidler
Pages: 1 - 3

Chapter 2

Requirements for Design and Use
Author(s): H. R. Sasse
Pages: 5 - 31

Chapter 3

Defects and Damage of Floors
Author(s): L. Czarnecki
Pages: 34 - 44

Defects and Damage of Joints
Author(s): L. Wolff
Pages: 45 - 60

Chapter 4

Evaluation and Quality Assessment
Author(s): L. Courard, A. Garbacz, L. Wolff
Pages: 61 - 91

Chapter 5

Author(s): H. Schorn, S. Gieler-Breßmer, M. Raupach
Pages: 93 - 101

Chapter 6

Testing Procedures and Other Regulations
Author(s): A. Zajc, L. Courard, A. Garbacz, L. Wolf
Pages: 103 - 111

Chapter 7

Author(s): K. Littmann
Pages: 113 - 149

Chapter 8

Conclusion and Further Needs
Author(s): P. Seidler
Pages: 151 - 152