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Active TCs (by clusters)

The Technical Committees are the heart of the scientific activity of the association. The main forum where RILEM members meet and exchange their expertise. RILEM TCs play a major role in furthering scientific knowledge.


A group of international experts working together in a particular field in order to: 

  • assemble and evaluate research data
  • harmonise testing methods 
  • suggest new topics for research (this research not to be directly undertaken by RILEM TCs)

and to promote their conclusions by publishing recommendations, technical reports or state-of-the-art reports for test methods or construction practice.

Role of the RILEM clusters

A RILEM TC is in direct connection with a RILEM Cluster. This body is entrusted with co-ordinating and monitoring RILEM TC activities, and to advise the RILEM Technical Activities Committee (TAC). This co-ordination is convened by Clusters’ conveners.


Cluster A. Material Processing and Characterization (Convener: Daman PANESAR)

Cluster B. Transport and Deterioration Mechanisms (Convener: Josee DUCHESNE)

Cluster C. Structural Performance and Design (Convener: Giovanni PLIZZARI)

Cluster D. Service Life and Environmental Impact Assessment (Convener: Anya VOLLPRACHT)

Cluster E. Masonry, Timber and Cultural Heritage (Convener: Arun MENON)

Cluster F. Bituminous Materials and Polymers (Convener: Eshan DAVE)