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RILEM is composed of corporate members and individual members, including scientists and engineers, research and testing laboratories and companies.

Individual Members:

  • A Senior Member is an experienced scientist or engineer, having reached a position of responsibility and recognised expertise in a public or private organisation or company concerned with testing or research in the field of building materials and structures.
  • A Young Member is an under-graduated student (including PhD students) or a young research scientist or engineer who is at the early stage of his/her career under the age of  35 during the membership year.

    Disclaimer: the membership status corresponds to the member's age during the membership year (e.g. if one turns 35 during the membership year, one will be invoiced as Senior member). Each RILEM young member is linked to the International Network of RILEM, through his registration in the Directory of Members. A RILEM young member may register to contribute to the activity of a RILEM TC.

  • A Retired Member is a member who has retired.

Corporate Members:

  • Associate Member are smaller research, academic or building organisations or companies.
  • Institutional & Institutional-Plus Members are research and testing organisations of national renown; universities, international or national standards organisations.
  • Industrial Member are large firms or associations in the materials or construction sectors.


  • Benefits for all members (individual and corporate members included):

    • Membership in RILEM Technical Committees (TC) at a time (, allowing you to participate in TC meetings, be listed as author of your TC outputs as well as a TC member on RILEM website, and have the possibility to directly propose a new Technical Committee to the Secretariat General (
    • Opportunity to publish selected articles as free OA papers in Materials & Structures and in RILEM Technical Letters
    • Free subscription to the online version of Materials and Structures journal hosted by Springer (access through private profile to the current issues and to archives since 1968)
    • Access online to RILEM Proceedings published by RILEM Publications and Springer and to reports published by RILEM Publications  (access through your private profile)
    • A 20% discount on all SPRINGER e-books
    • Access to RILEM online Directory of Members (access through private profile)
    • Reduced fees for RILEM events (in general 10%, subject to decision of local organisers)


  • Corporate members additional benefits:

    • Staff members:
      • Associate Member can have 3 staff members and one associate contact
      • Institutional Member can have less than 15 staff members of 35 yo and above + unlimited staff members under the age of 35
      • Institutional-Plus Member can have unlimited staff members 
      • Industrial Member can have unlimited staff members
    • Logo on RILEM presentation and RILEM Annual Report
    • Logo and short description of the company on RILEM Website, with a link to the corporate member website, for a better visibility (
    • Visibility on our social media and newletter (co-sponsored events, courses, jobs’ advertisement)


After decreasing the Senior Member fees in 2016, in 2020 we have merged the Student and Affiliate categories into the Young membership (under the age of 35) in order to facilitate the participation of our younger members in the activities of RILEM.

Individual fees (calendar year):

  • Young Member: 27 euros
  • Senior Member: 395 euros
  • Retired Member: 80 euros

Corporate fees (calendar year):

  • Associate Member: 1340 euros
  • Institutional Member: 2540 euros
  • Institutional-Plus Member: 4660 euros
  • Industrial Member: 4660 euros 

Discount by Country/Region

A special discount fee is applicable for countries according to their GDP per capita. Members with 40, 60 or 90% discount will benefit of all services.

  • A 40% discount is granted to members from the following countries: Algeria; Albania; Angola; Argentina; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Botswana; Brazil; Bulgaria; Chile; Colombia; Croatia; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; Egypt; Estonia; Hungary; Islamic Republic of Iran; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Latvia; Lebanon; Libya; Lithuania; Macedonia; Malaysia; Mauritius; Mexico; Montenegro; People's Republic of China; Peru; Poland; Republic of Costa Rica; Romania; Russian Federation; Serbia; South Africa; Thailand; Tunisia; Turkey; Ukraine; Uruguay; Venezuela
  • A 60% discount is granted to Industrial members and a 90% discount is granted to the other members from the following countries: Bangladesh; Bhutan; Burkina Faso; Cambodia; Cameroon; Congo; Cuba; Ethiopia; Federal Republic of Nigeria; Georgia; Ghana; Guatemala; India; Indonesia; Iraq; Ivory Coast; Kenya; Lesotho; Malawi; Morocco; Mozambique; Nepal; Pakistan; Paraguay; Philippines; Republic of Moldova; Senegal; Sri Lanka; Syrian Arab Republic; Togo; United Republic of Tanzania; Viet Nam; Yemen, Zimbabwe


Apply to become a RILEM member