Architected infrastructure materials
In contrast to conventional casting techniques used in the construction of civil engineering materials, recent technical advancements have allowed for purposeful designs of materials into specific morphologies across scales, referred to as architected infrastructure materials. Would you like to learn more about this topic? The OA paper Perspectives in Architected Infrastructure Materials, recently published by RILEM Tech Lett, is what you need!


Pre-conference courses at the 2024 RILEM Annual Week
The registration for the pre-conference courses at the 2024 RILEM Annual Week is open! The event offers 5 courses in the following areas:
-Cement hydration and Supplementary Cementitious Materials
-Rheology and processing
-Durability of concrete
-Corrosion, anti-corrosion of reinforced concrete
-Earthen materials & construction.
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The EAC course Corrosion Science & Corrosion Control for Infrastructure (CSC2I) will be hosted by TU Delft, The Netherlands, from April 29 to May 2, 2024. CSC2I is an interdisciplinary course, encompassing fundamental aspects of corrosion science & technology, corrosion control and materials’ science for civil engineering.

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