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18 December 2017

JCSS Continuing Education and Advanced School

04-11 April 2018, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Methods of reliability, risk and safety assessment are increasingly gaining importance as decision support tools in various fields of engineering. The JCSS Continuing Education & Advanced School is intended to be world leading in the field of risk analysis. A deep understanding of the fundamental principles of structural reliability is provided; application is foreseen to a number of realistic cases in practice. The Advanced School helps engineers to better play the important role they have for society in establishing the basis for decision making.

The JCSS Continuing Education and Advanced School provides a deep and thorough insight in the latest developments in the concepts and tools for probabilistic structural reliability engineering and risk informed decision making.

Topics of the course:

  • Basic aspects of structural safety, safety formats and partial factors
  • Time Independent Reliability Methods
  • Resistance modeling, Probabilistic Model Code (Concrete, Steel, Timber)
  • Probabilistic modeling of deterioration
  • Load modeling (e.g. life loads, impact, wind, snow, traffic)
  • Code calibration
  • Time Dependent System Reliability Methods, random vibrations
  • Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis
  • Bayesian parameter estimation and reliability analysis under parameter- and model-uncertainties.
  • Safety assessment of existing structures
  • Robustness analysis of structures

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