Association - 3 new RILEM Technical Committees
16 April 2018

The RILEM Technical Activities Committee approved 3 new Technical Committees:

  • TC CCL – Calcined Clays as Supplementary Cementitious Materials, chaired by Jose Fernando Martirena-Hernandez
  • TC CEC - Controlled expansion of concrete by adding MgO-based expansive agents taking the combined influence of composition and size of concrete elements into consideration, chaired by Jiaping Liu
  • TC CAM - Chloride transport in alkali-activated materials, chaired by Arnaud Castel

If you are interested in joining these new RILEM TCs, please send an email to

Association - PhD position at SCK-CEN and UGent
16 April 2018

Topic: Cemented waste deterioration by delayed ettringite formation: chemistry and effect on structural and mechanical properties

Online application is possible via the following link:

More information, please contact or or

Association - Videos of the 2018 Gustavo Colonnetti medalists
12 April 2018

Watch the presentations of the 2018 Gustavo Colonnetti medalists on YouTube:

Didier Snoeck & Nicolas Roussel, President of the Jury


Sergio Cavalaro & Nicolas Roussel, President of the Jury

Association - RILEM Annual Report 2017
5 April 2018

Our Annual Report 2017 is available. You can download it here

If you wish to receive print copies, please inform the Secretariat. We can also send some for your conference, don' t hesitate if you are interested.

Association - SLD4 & CONMOD2018: Early Bird registration
4 April 2018

SLD4/CONMOD2018 & RILEM Annual Week, 26-29 Aug. 2018, Delft, Netherlands

HURRY! Early bird registration closes on May 1, 2018!


More information at

Association - 2018 Robert L'Hermite Medalist
3 April 2018

We are pleased to announce the 2018 Robert L'Hermite medalist: Dr. Fernando Moreno-Navarro, University of Granada, Spain.

He is the first Medalist coming from the RILEM asphalt community.

He will be present at the 72nd RILEM Annual Week in Delft, Netherlands. where he will give a lecture on "Designing more durable asphalt materials".


Association - Courses during the 72nd RILEM Annual Week
27 March 2018

Three courses will take place the week before the 72nd RILEM Week held in conjunction with the SLD4 conference & CONMOD2018 symposium (21-24 August 2018):

  • Corrosion Science & Corrosion Control for Infrastructure (CSC2I)
  • Multi-scale Modelling Course for Concrete (MMC2)
  • Concrete Microscopy Course (CMC)

To register, please visit the website of the RILEM Week 2018:

Association - New State-of-the-Art reports
14 March 2018


Two new State-of-the-Art reports are now available: 

- Testing and characterization of sustainable innovative bituminous materials and systems - State-of-the-Art Report of the RILEM Technical Committee 237-SIB; Edited by Manfred Partl, Laurent Porot, Hervé Di Benedetto, Francesco Canestrari, Paul Marsac, Gabriele Tebaldi

- Properties of fresh and hardened concrete containing supplementary cementitious materials - State-of-the-Art report of the RILEM Technical Committee 238-SCM, working group 4; Edited by Nele De Belie, Marios Soutsos, Elke Gruyaert

You can find them on...

Association - 2018 Gustavo Colonnetti medalists
2 March 2018

We are pleased to announce the 2018 Gustavo Colonnetti medalists:

  • Dr. Sergio H. P. Cavalaro, School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University
  • Dr. Didier Snoeck, Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research - Ghent University


They will be present at the First RILEM Spring Convention in Barcelona, Spain. On Tuesday 20 March 2018, they will give lectures on:

  • "Connecting the underground world with fibres" by Sergio Cavalaro
  • "Superabsorbent polymers to seal and heal cracks in cementitious materials" by Didier Snoeck.


Congratulations to them!!

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