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Association - All RILEM members can vote at the General Council
3rd August 2021

If you are a RILEM member, please remember that is your right to express your vote at the next General Council meeting, taking place during the 75th RILEM Annual Week, 29 August-3 Sept 2021. If you cannot attend the event in person, you will be able to connect via ZOOM to attend the meeting and to vote. You will receive, by email, the details to connect. RILEM is a bottom-up organisation. It is your right to decide about the future of RILEM!

Association - Fourth RILEM Young members' interview
15th July 2021

Dr Ruben Snellings is a Senior Researcher in Upcycling of Residues in Sustainable Binders at VITO, Belgium. Dr Snellings joined RILEM in 2011. He is currently the Deputy-Chair of RILEM TC 267-TRM, Tests for reactivity of supplementary cementitious materials.


RIM: Thank you, Ruben, for your time today. Let’s start from the beginning… where were you in 2011 when you joined RILEM?

R. Snellings: 2011 was the final year of my PhD and I was making plans for what to do afterwards. I was looking at several options and one of those was to work for a limited amount of time in the...

Association - Third RILEM Young members' interview
8th July 2021

You can watch the THIRD chat of the series of interviews with RILEM young members on our RILEM YouTube Channel. The interviewee is Dr Tanja Manninger, BAM, Germany. In this interview, Tanja shares her experience about being one of the Work-Package co-leaders of TC ASR : Risk assessment of concrete mixture designs with alkali-silica reactive (ASR) aggregates. Enjoy!

Association - Materials and Structures 2020 Impact factor has gone up!
1st July 2021
The Impact factor of Materials and Structures, RILEM flagship journal, has gone from 2.901 in 2019 to 3.428 in 2020! This is a huge increase that represents the hard work of the editorial board and the excellent quality of the papers published in this journal.
Congratulations to all the authors and editors!


Association - New State-of-the-Art
23rd June 2021

A new State-of-the-Art report is now available:

Round-Robin Test on Creep Behaviour in Cracked Sections of FRC: Experimental Program, Results and Database Analysis - State-of-the-Art Report of the RILEM Technical Committee 261-CCF, edited by Aitor Llano-Torre, Pedro Serna

You can find it on Springer website:

Association - NEW RILEM International Partner
18th June 2021

RILEM is proud to announce a new International Partner: FICEM, the Inter-American Cement Federation.

The Inter-American Cement Federation (FICEM) represents the cement companies, institutes and associations in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal, covering 90% of cement production in the region. Its mission is the dissemination and strengthening of the global cement agenda statements, such as climate protection, energy efficiency, the use of fuels and alternative raw materials; as well as the promotion of good practices in the use of cement and concrete through its applications...

Association - Second RILEM Young members' interview
18th June 2021

You can now watch the second chat of the series of interviews with RILEM young members on our RILEM YouTube Channel. The interviewee is Prof. Susan Bernal, from Leeds University. The interview is available in English (“first RILEM meeting: an enlightening and enjoyable experience”, “carbonation is a passion!”, “Fantastic women working in RILEM”, “Networking in RILEM”) and in Spanish (“Desde postdoc hasta coordinadora de un comité técnico: 10 años de RILEM”, “Be brave!”). Enjoy!

16th June 2021

RILEM welcomes Newcastle University amongst its corporate members!

The historic university has a rich tapestry of research, culture and community. It is the home to academic excellence. Newcastle students are taught by those at the very forefront of their fields and equipped with all the practical skills and knowledge they will need to succeed professionally. Newcastle University’s global presence allows to effect change on an international scale and collaborate with the world’s leading researchers.

Association - 100th Edition of the ICT newsletter
11th June 2021

The 100th edition of the newsletter of the Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT), RILEM international partner, is now available. You can download your complementary copy by clicking on the .pdf icon above. The newsletter features the recent election on Prof. Basheer as ICT President, the calendar of the ROC&TOK webinars and more interesting news. Enjoy!


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