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Association - Industry endorsement from Colas Group
13th November 2020


Dr. Xavier Carbonneau is Project Manager at the Campus for Science and Techniques (CST), Colas Group, in Magny les Hameaux, France. Dr. Carbonneau has been a RILEM senior member since 2016. He has been active in several RILEM Technical Committees (TCs), such as 264-RAP: Asphalt Pavement Recycling, 272-PIM: Phase and Interphase behaviour of bituminous Materials and FBB: Fingerprinting bituminous binders using physico-chemical analysis.

The Colas Group is a world leader in the construction and maintenance of...

Association - New proceedings available
9th November 2020

Two new proceedings are available:

Fibre Reinforced Concrete: Improvements and Innovations - RILEM-fib International Symposium on FRC (BEFIB) in 2020

3rd International Conference on Innovative Technologies for Clean and Sustainable Development - ITCSD 2020

We remind you that RILEM members can access the electronic version of the proceedings and download for free the whole book or any chapter in particular. You need to log into your account on RILEM website and click on the icon "Springer Proceedings". You will be re-directed to a secured page with links to the 29 existing volumes of the...

Association - NEW International Partnership
6th November 2020

RILEM is delighted to announce a new partnership with the Russian Association of Structural Concrete (ASC). The Association of Structural Concrete of Russia is a major non-profit professional organization aimed at developing technology and improving competitive standards of the production and services on the concrete and structural concrete market in Russia. RILEM and ASc will work together towards the improvement of concrete technology by making technical expertise of each Partner available to the other through publications, meetings, conferences, etc...

Association - Videos from the 74th RILEM Annual Week
6th November 2020

If you missed the 74th RILEM Annual Week & 40th Cement and Concrete Science Conference in September 2020, you can view some of the presentations and poster presentations on our YouTube channel :

Don't miss the TC presentations, TC Chairs present the outputs of their TCs:


Association - Video 2020 Robert L'Hermite medalist Tung Chai (Bill) Ling
2nd November 2020

Watch the presentation "Development in the active use of CO2 in wastes and cement for sustainable construction products" of the 2020 Robert L’Hermite medalist, Tung Chai (Bill) Ling :

Association - Interview with Dr Wolfram Schmidt about the recent Africa-focused paper on...
29th October 2020

Dr Wolfram Schmidt, RILEM member since 2008, is the RILEM regional Convener for Sub-Saharan Africa and a member of the RILEM Bureau. This interview took place online on 12 October 2020 and it shares the "behind-the-scenes" of the recently published paper “Innovation potentials for construction materials with specific focus on the challenges in Africa”, Wolfram Schmidt, Mike Otieno, Kolawole Adisa Olonade, Nonkululeko W. Radebe, Henri van Damme, Patience Tunji‐Olayeni, Said Kenai, Angela Tetteh Tawiah, Kuukuwa Manful, Akeem Akinwale, Rose N. Mbugua, Andreas Rogge, RILEM...

Association - RILEM-EDA Partnership
22nd October 2020

RILEM is delighted to announce the recent international partnership agreement signed with the European Demolition Association. EDA is the leading platform for national demolition associations, demolition contractors and suppliers.

Currently EDA has several active working groups in Carriers, Demolition and Recycling Attachments, Quick Couplings, High Reach, Statistics, National Associations and Circular Economy. Of all of them, we would like to bring to your attention the WG on Circular Economy. The goal of this working group is to produce a double deliverable: a short guide about how to make...

Association - RILEM YOUNG Membership
20th October 2020

The former RILEM Student and Affiliate membership categories have been merged into the new YOUNG membership in order to facilitate the participation of our younger members in the activities of RILEM.

A YOUNG MEMBER is a student holding a Bachelor degree and enrolled in any post-graduate educational program (Diploma, Master or PhD), or a young research scientist or an engineer who is at the early stage of his career, under the age of  35! The fees for YOUNG members are only 25 EURO/year. As always discount by country  is applicable. 

RILEM YOUNG members are invited to participate and...

Association - NEW RILEM-ACRP Partnership
20th October 2020

We are thrilled to announce the new partnership with the European Association for Construction Repair, Reinforcement and Protection. ACRP is a non-profit association, founded in 2020. The mission of ACRP is to promote the maintenance of the constructions and its applications in Europe, towards the highest standards of safety professional integrity and quality of service. To reach its goals, ARCP organises Working Groups (WG). Three new WGs are ready to start:

1) WG Bridge

  • Guide about Bridge (types, materials, pathologies, maintenance)
  • Live webinars
  • On-line sessions

2) WG Maritime...

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