Association - Open Research positions "Concrete Technology" (PhD and Postdoc) at Ghent...
6th June 2018

The Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, Ghent University, Belgium (, is a leading academic research institute in the field of concrete technology and concrete structures.

Within the research group “Concrete Technology”, headed by Prof. Geert De Schutter, full professor and ERC Advanced Grant Holder (, several research positions are vacant, both at PhD level and Postdoc level.

Interested in a research position?

You need to have:

  • For a PhD...
Association - New State-of-the-Art reports
4th June 2018

Three new State-of-the-Art reports are now available:

- Methods of Measuring Moisture in Building Materials and Structures - State-of-the-Art Report of the RILEM Technical Committee 248-MMB; Edited by Lars-Olof Nilsson

- Thermal Cracking of Massive Concrete Structures - State of the Art Report of the RILEM Technical Committee 254-CMS; Edited by Eduardo M.R.Fairbairn, Miguel Angelo Dias Azenha

- Mechanisms of Cracking and Debonding in Asphalt and Composite Pavements - State-of-the-Art Report of the RILEM Technical Committee 241-MCD; Edited by W. Buttlar, A. Chabot, E. Dave, C. Petit, G....

Association - Advanced course on Modeling of Localized Inelastic Deformation
31st May 2018

Each year, an Advanced course on Modeling of Localized Inelastic Deformation is organized in September on the campus of the Czech Technical University in Prague. In 2018, the RILEM course taught by Milan Jirásek will be held on 3-7 September.

This course provides an overview of modeling approaches used in the mechanics of inelastic materials and structures, with special attention to the objective description of highly localized deformation modes such as cracks or shear bands.

The course capacity is limited to 30 participants. The applications will be treated on the first-come-first-served...

Association - RILEM Annual Week 2018
29th May 2018

Please find attached the latest newsletter of the RILEM Annual Week in Delft.

As announced previously, three courses will take place the week before the 72nd RILEM Week held in conjunction with the SLD4 conference & CONMOD2018 symposium (21-24 August 2018):

  • Corrosion Science & Corrosion Control for Infrastructure (CSC2I)
  • Multi-scale Modelling Course for Concrete (MMC2)
  • Concrete Microscopy Course (CMC) **FULL**

To register to CSC2I and MMC2, please visit the website of the RILEM Week 2018:

Association - 50th Birthday of Bituminous materials within RILEM
30th April 2018

During the RILEM celebration at the ISAP conference in Fortaleza 19th …21st  June 2018, a short retrospective will be presented showing the activities, impact and achievements of different RILEM Technical Committees (TC) over the last 50 years in the field of bituminous materials and asphalt testing.

Over half of a century, the different RILEM TCs succeeded in producing numerous state of the art reports and scientific papers as well as various practice oriented recommendations that were discussed and presented in well attended RILEM conferences and symposia. Through international...

Association - Videos of the 1st RILEM Spring Convention available on YouTube
23rd April 2018

If you missed the 1st RILEM Spring Convention, here is your chance to watch all the presentations made in Barcelona:

  • Opening presentation
  • Sergio Cavalaro, Gustavo Colonnetti Medalist 2018
  • Didier Snoeck, Gustavo Colonnetti Medalist 2018
  • A few moments with the American Concrete Institute by Doug Hooton
  • The fib, organisation and FRC Model Code by Albert de la Fuente
  • In Honour of Prof. Antonio Aguado, UPC
  • Evaluation of external sulphate attack on concrete by Esperanza Menendez Mendez
  • Characteristics and durability...
Association - 3 new RILEM Technical Committees
16th April 2018

The RILEM Technical Activities Committee approved 3 new Technical Committees:

  • TC CCL – Calcined Clays as Supplementary Cementitious Materials, chaired by Jose Fernando Martirena-Hernandez
  • TC CEC - Controlled expansion of concrete by adding MgO-based expansive agents taking the combined influence of composition and size of concrete elements into consideration, chaired by Jiaping Liu
  • TC CAM - Chloride transport in alkali-activated materials, chaired by Arnaud Castel

If you are interested in joining these new RILEM TCs, please send an email to

Association - PhD position at SCK-CEN and UGent
16th April 2018

Topic: Cemented waste deterioration by delayed ettringite formation: chemistry and effect on structural and mechanical properties

Online application is possible via the following link:

More information, please contact or or

Association - Videos of the 2018 Gustavo Colonnetti medalists
12th April 2018

Watch the presentations of the 2018 Gustavo Colonnetti medalists on YouTube:

Didier Snoeck & Nicolas Roussel, President of the Jury


Sergio Cavalaro & Nicolas Roussel, President of the Jury

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