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30 April 2018

50th Birthday of Bituminous materials within RILEM

During the RILEM celebration at the ISAP conference in Fortaleza 19th …21st  June 2018, a short retrospective will be presented showing the activities, impact and achievements of different RILEM Technical Committees (TC) over the last 50 years in the field of bituminous materials and asphalt testing.

Over half of a century, the different RILEM TCs succeeded in producing numerous state of the art reports and scientific papers as well as various practice oriented recommendations that were discussed and presented in well attended RILEM conferences and symposia. Through international interaction and interlaboratory tests, RILEM has influenced the standardization, testing technology and methodical analysis of this important time- and temperature dependent category of engineering materials that is often treated as being in the shadow of cementitious materials.

All that work would not have been achievable without the devotion of experts on a fully voluntary basis, of course.

Please join the special session on 21 June 2018. More information at

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