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10 February 2020

2020 Robert L'Hermite Medalist

We are pleased to announce the 2020 Robert L'Hermite medalist: Prof. Tung Chai (Bill) Ling, Hunan University, China.

Tung Chai (Bill) Ling is a Professor of Civil Engineering at Hunan University, China.  He has focused his academic career on the study of low-embodied-energy construction materials.  Key pillars of his research include: carbonation of waste and cement, treatment of waste, direct recycling of non-hazardous waste, and smart materials.  His research innovations have had a direct impact on the industrial application of sustainable construction materials.  Professor Ling is a Senior Member of RILEM and is an active member of several committees related to durability, supplementary cementing materials as well as valorization of waste (TC 258-AAA, TC 281-CCC, and TC 279-WMR).  Professor Ling’s remarkable leadership and research independence is evidenced by the productivity of his large research team as well as his significant international contributions.  He serves on many international scientific committees, and is a peer reviewer for many scholarly journals (including Materials and Structures).  He has also been the recipient of several prestigious awards.

Congratulations to Bill on behalf of the jury members, Prof. Nele DE BELIE, TAC chair and chair of the Medal Jury, Dr. Alexandra BERTRON, Prof. Daman K. PANESAR and Dr. Arun MENON



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