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20 July 2020

Invitation to participate in EDF - VERCORS 3rd Benchmark

EDF is pleased to invite you to its 3rd benchmark in 2022 starting in 2021!

EDF operates a large fleet of nuclear reactors and is responsible for demonstrating the safety of its installations, particularly the Concrete Containment Buildings (CCB), which are non-replaceable components. In France, the leak-tightness of a CCB is achieved with 2 technologies the first one with a metallic liner like in most CCB in the world and the second one with a double-wall containment without a metallic liner. 

The leak-tightness of the second type is linked to a series of complex and various parameters such as, the degree of cracking in the concrete and the opening of those cracks, the remaining  pre-stress force, the delayed strains of concrete, the water saturation degree.

To face this great challenge, EDF decided in 2014 to build a mock-up of a reactor containment building at 1/3 scale on EDF lab site in "les Renardières".

EDF thinks the best way to treat this challenge was to perform a series of benchmarks where each participant had the same data and the same given objectives to answer. There have been already 2 benchmarks organized, the first one in 2015 (early-age behavior and leak-tightness), the second one in 2018 (Creep modeling - Micromechanics  and/or Multiphysics approaches; Mechanical behavior of the containment during pressurization test; Air leakage).

To subscribe to this benchmark please click on this link : VERCORS 2022 

For more information, please see the attached flyer and PowerPoint presentation by EDF coordinator and RILEM member  Julien Niepceron. 


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