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22 April 2022



We are thrilled to announce a new corporate member: SAINTGITS College of Engineering (Autonomous).

Saintgits College of Engineering (Autonomous), founded in 2002, is among the top self-financing colleges in Kerala, India. It is the only autonomous engineering college in Kerala which has seven programmes accredited by the National Board of Accreditation. The University Grants Commission awarded Autonomous status in 2020 based on the excellent track record of the college. The Institute focusses on grooming of student towards professionalism. The engineering courses and research activities are designed to cater for present and future industry needs, supported by excellent on-campus facilities. The programmes are strongly aligned to industry, professional bodies, and leading universities.

We look forward to welcoming all staff members of Saintgits College of Engineering as new members of the RILEM Technical Committees.



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