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2022 Best Student Poster Award and Outstanding Poster Awards

09 September 2022 Association
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At the 76th RILEM Annual Week and ICRCS2022 last week in Kyoto, the winners of the Poster Competition were announced.

The Best Student Poster Award went to Suhas Suresh JOSHI, recently granted a Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo, who presented a poster titled “Analytical investigation of corrosion cracking factors in multi rebar concrete panels using 3D-mesoscale simulation”. Dr Joshi received a prize of 500 EURO from RILEM and a complimentary registration for the 77th RILEM Annual Week in Vancouver, Canada, next year.

Six more complimentary registrations for the 77th RILEM Annual Week next year were awarded to six young delegates for the quality of their posters (outstanding poster award):

  • Mahmudul Hasan Mizan, Hokkaido University, "Effectiveness of Using Silica Fume with PCM to Enhance Concrete-PCM Interfacial Bonding Performance"
  • Thi Nhan Nguyen, Belgium Nuclear Research Centre, "Leaching resistance of metakaolin-based geopolymers under accelerated conditions"
  • Zhe Zhang, National University of Singapore, "The Origin of Strength of Calcium Silicate Hydrate"
  • Hyo Eun Joo, The University of Tokyo, "Mechanical behaviors of concrete damaged by alkali silica reaction considering crack-filling effect of gel"
  • Pakpoom Limtong, The University of Tokyo, "Bottom-up modeling of ion diffusivity from two-scale pore networks"
  • Dulce Elizabeth Valdez Madrid, Ghent University, "

    3D structural characterization and performance assessment of lime-cement mortars during salt damage".

All winners also received a Japanese traditional towel for wiping, wrapping, fashion, decoration and others, representing a Kyoto traditional festival.  

The jury members in charge of the RILEM Poster Awards were:

  • Prof Tetsuya Ishida, The University of Tokyo
  • Dr Yuya Takahashi, The University of Tokyo
  • Dr Tomoko Fukuyama, Ritsumeikan University
  • Dr Miguel Azenha, University of Minho
  • Dr Luan Yao, Saitama University
  • Dr Wang Tiao, The University of Tokyo
  • Dr Shingo Asamoto, Saitama University.

RILEM would like to acknowledge the on-going and kind support of the organisers of the Poster Awards, and in particular that of Dr Shingo Asamoto, Saitama University.

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