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Circular economy of lab equipment

13 September 2023 Association
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RILEM is excited to launch a new initiative to sustain the circular economy of laboratory equipment.


The initiative aims at giving a second life to laboratory equipment no longer used but still in good working conditions.


If you work in a construction materials laboratory that has some equipment that is still functioning but no longer used, please consider to donate it!


Send an email to, indicating the details of the equipment and the contact details of the donating laboratory. RILEM will spread the news by posting these details in the RILEM newsletter BITS&BOBS, with almost 30,000 subscribed users, free of charge. The news will also be circulated through the RILEM Social Media channels.


Laboratories interested in receiving the equipment should directly contact the donating institution, to enquire about working conditions, shipment details, machine set-up, ect... RILEM will not be involved in any further action past the adevertisement of the to-be-donated equipment.


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