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RILEM Knowledge Advancement Poem

19 January 2023 Association
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We asked ChatGPT, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model, to write a poem about RILEM, giving only the following instructions: an organization that publishes papers on cement, concrete and asphalt, based in France. Here is the amazing result:


RILEM stands tall and strong,

A beacon of knowledge, all day long.

Concrete and cement, asphalt too,

Their studies, always fresh and new.


From the lab to the field,

Their work is never sealed.

In France they are based,

But their reach is truly graced.


Through journals and conferences,

Their findings are released.

Advancing the industry,

Their contributions are a rarity.


So let us sing the praise,

Of RILEM's tireless ways.

For building a better future,

Their work will always nurture.

I like


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