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Planning to attend in person the 76th RILEM Annual Week in Kyoto, Japan, in September this year? You better read this then…

13 June 2022 Association
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The Japanese government has recently released some new border measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

These are some highlights:

  • Tourists are only admitted if travelling in an organised tour. Tourists travelling individually cannot enter the country.
  • Non-Japanese individuals are permitted to enter the country if they have a Business VISA.
  • To obtain your Business VISA from the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence, you need the form of VISA Questionnaire & Schedule of Stay, a document issued by the organisers of the 76th RILEM Annual Week. You can request this form from this page here. Please note that it will take a few weeks for this document to be completed and sent back to you by Express Mail Service; the final deadline to apply for this document is 30th June 20th July, 2022;
  • Before commencing your trip, you will have to do a pre-departure COVID test, independently from your country of residence.
  • Upon arrival in Japan with a regular Business VISA, you might be asked to show your Vaccination certificate, to have a COVID test and/or to spend a self-quarantine period, depending on the colour of your country of origin (Red, Yellow or Blue). Please check the colour of your country here.
  • FAQ on “COVID-19: Current Japanese Border Measures” can be found here.



DISCLAIMER: the highlights above are for general information purposes only. RILEM assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in their contents. For official information about travelling to Japan, please refer to this page.

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