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23 September 2021



The report of the 75th RILEM Annual Week and the International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Construction Materials and Structures is available by clicking on the pdf symbol above.

The report contains the details of only the most important and relevant items. Unfortunately, it is hard to describe the details of the “less important” items, like the atmosphere in Merida during the event, the exquisite hospitality of the organisers, the taste of “pulpo maya” and “camarones en coco”.

RILEM would like to thank Prof. P. Castro-Borges, Prof. A. Duran-Herrera and Prof. J. I. Escalante-Garcia, for the tremendous and excellent work in organising this event! A special “thank you” also goes to Anne Griffoin, RILEM Head of Publications and Communication, for being in Merida, reporting the event, and taking pictures.

As mentioned in the report, the recording of the lectures of the 2021 medallists and of the TC presentations will soon be available on our YouTube channel.



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