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11 November 2019

The early bird registration for the 3rd RILEM SPRING CONVENTION AND CONFERENCE, RSCC2020, taking place in Guimarães, Portugal, on 10-14 March 2020, closes on 31st December!!!!


The event is organised by the University of Minho. The Organizing Committee, chaired by Prof Eduardo Pereira, is particularly committed to bring a novel and fresh organizational structure suiting proactive and enthusiastic young researchers and practitioners interested in the technical and scientific initiatives of RILEM. The programme is oriented to ‘renovation’ and ‘youth’, as well as to the enriching intergenerational networking and exchange of experiences.


The theme of the event is “Ambitioning a sustainable future for built environment: comprehensive strategies for unprecedented challenges”. Under this theme, four main topics are proposed: 1 Strategies for a resilient built environment, 2 New materials and structures for ultra-durability, 3 Service life extension of existing structure and 4 Shift to a circular economy. The preliminary program is already online.