20 November 2019

Materials and Structures

Volume 52, Issue 6, November 2019

In this issue (6 articles)


1. Johannes Büchner, Michael P. Wistuba, Torsten Remmler, Di Wang, "On low temperature binder testing using DSR 4 mm geometry"

2. J. Maia, Nuno M. M. Ramos, R. Veiga, "Assessment of test methods for the durability of thermal mortars exposure to freezing"

3. Xiaohao Sun, Linchang Miao, Chengcheng Wang, "Glucose addition improves the bio-remediation efficiency for crack repair"

4. Reine Karam, David Bulteel, Thomas Wattez, Dimitri Deneele, "Effect of marine sediments incorporation on the behaviour of alkali-activated GGBFS"

5. Mohammed Farooq, Nemkumar Banthia, "FRP fibre-cementitious matrix interfacial bond under time-dependent loading"

6. Haitao Zhao, Kaidi Jiang, Yunfei Di, Wen Xu, Wei Li, Qian Tian, Jiaping Liu, "Effects of curing temperature and superabsorbent polymers on hydration of early-age cement paste containing a CaO-based expansive additive"