11 December 2019

In 2019, the following RILEM TC reports have been published:


  • TC 247-DTA: Provis et al., RILEM TC 247-DTA Round Robin Test: Mix design and reproducibility of compressive strength of alkali-activated concretes. Mater Struct (2019) 52: 99.
  • TC 252-CMB: Wang et al., RILEM TC 252-CMB report: rheological modeling of asphalt binder under different short and long-term aging temperatures. Mater Struct (2019) 52: 73.
  • TC 262-SCI: Angst et al., The effect of the steel–concrete interface on chloride-induced corrosion initiation in concrete: a critical review by RILEM TC 262-SCI. Mater Struct (2019) 52: 88.