Materials and Structures 244 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 34 , N° 244
Année: 2001


Pore water distribution in mortar during drying as determined by NMR
Author(s): R. M. E. Valckenborg, L. Pel, K. Hazrati, K. Kopinga, J. Marchand
Pages: 599 - 604

Permeability and pore structure evolution of silico-calcareous and hematite high-strength concretes submitted to high temperatures
Author(s): C. Gallé, J. Sercombe
Pages: 619 - 628

High temperature performance grade specification of asphalt binder from the material's volumetric-flow rate
Author(s): A. Shenoy
Pages: 629 - 635

RILEM TC 178-TMC: 'Testing and modelling chloride penetration in concrete' Round-Robin test on chloride analysis in concrete - Part II: Analysis of water soluble chloride content
Author(s): RILEM TC 178-TMC, M. Castellote, C. Andrade
Pages: 589 - 598

Impact resistance of laterally confined fibre reinforced concrete plates
Author(s): P. Sukontasukkul, S. Mindess, N. Banthia, T. Mikami
Pages: 612 - 618

Experimental evaluation of the ductility of a reduced-scale reinforced masonry building
Author(s): D. Zonta, G. Zanardo, C. Modena
Pages: 636 - 644

Influence of damage on the fractal properties of concrete subjected to pure tension
Author(s): A. Carpinteri, S. Invernizzi
Pages: 605 - 611

Recommendations of RILEM TC 139-DBS: Durability of Building Sealants Durability test method - Determination of changes in adhesion, cohesion and appearance of elastic weatherproofing sealants for high movement façade joints after exposure to artificial weathering
Author(s): RILEM TC 139-DBS
Pages: 579 - 588

Author(s): H.-W. Reinhardt
Pages: 578 - 578