Materials and Structures 247 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 35 , N° 247
Année: 2002


Compatibility between flooring materials and concrete
Author(s): B. Persson
Pages: 170 - 182

Evaluation of thermodynamic properties of concrete substrates and cement slurries modified with admixtures
Author(s): L. Courard
Pages: 149 - 155

Moisture diffusivities evaluated at high moisture levels from a series of water absorption tests
Author(s): M. Janz
Pages: 141 - 148

Effect of different geometric polypropylene fibers on plastic shrinkage cracking of cement mortars
Author(s): Y. Ma, M. Tan, K. Wu
Pages: 165 - 169

Correlations in the behaviour of fibre reinforced shotcrete beam and panel specimens
Author(s): E. S. Bernard
Pages: 156 - 164

Drying, moisture distribution, and shrinkage of cement-based materials
Author(s): T. Ayano, F. H. Wittmann
Pages: 134 - 140

The effect of fibres on the plastic shrinkage cracking of high strength concrete
Author(s): J. Branch, A. Rawling, D. J. Hannant, M. Mulheron
Pages: 189 - 194

Méthode de détermination de l'énergie de rupture des bétons ordinaires
Author(s): F. Belhamel, K. Hisham, F. Kharchi
Pages: 183 - 188

A Tribute to Fernando L. L. B. Carneiro (1913 - 2001) Engineer and Scientist who invented the Brazilian Test
Author(s): E. M. R. Fairbairn, F.-J. Ulm
Pages: 195 - 196