Materials and Structures 255 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 36 , N° 255
Année: 2003


Variations in the mechanical properties and temperature of concrete subjected to cyclic loads, including high loads
Author(s): P. Bocca, M. Crotti
Pages: 40 - 45

Evaluation of masonry consolidation by geo-electrical relative difference resistivity mapping
Author(s): L. Schueremans, F. van Rickstal, K. Venderickx, D. van Gemert
Pages: 46 - 50

Plastic rotation capacity of high-strength concrete beams
Author(s): S. M. R. Lopes, L. F. A. Bernardo
Pages: 22 - 31

Elaboration de bétons hydrauliques à base de laitiers de haut fourneau tunisien
Author(s): S. Bouslama, A. Jelidi
Pages: 59 - 67

Comparative effect of additives on the mechanical properties of plasters made from flue-gas desulfurized and natural gypsums
Author(s): W. Prakaypun, S. Jinawath
Pages: 51 - 58

Drying of concrete: modelling of a hydric damage
Author(s): F.-X. Hubert, N. Burlion, J.-F. Shao
Pages: 12 - 21

Minimum steel ratios in reinforced concrete beams made of concrete with different strength - Theoretical approach
Author(s): I. A.E. M. Shehata, L. C. D. Shehata, S. L. G. Garcia
Pages: 3 - 11

Failure modes and trend curves for load capacity and stiffness of OSB panels subjected to concentrated load
Author(s): W. H. Thomas
Pages: 68 - 72

Mesure de l'absorption d'eau des additions minérales des bétons par évaporométrie
Author(s): J.-M. Mechling, A. Lecomte, K. Merriaux
Pages: 32 - 39

Author(s): A. Bentur
Pages: 2 - 2