Materials and Structures 260 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 36 , N° 260
Année: 2003


Unsaturated diffusivity functions for concrete derived from NMR images
Author(s): C. Leech, D. Lockington, P. Dux
Pages: 413 - 418

Shear bond strength in repaired concrete structures
Author(s): J. Silfwerbrand
Pages: 419 - 424

Prediction of compressive strength and optimization of mixture proportioning in ternary cementitious systems
Author(s): H. S. Chen, W. Sun, P. Stroeven
Pages: 396 - 401

Mechanical behavior of cracked beams strengthened with composites: application of a full-field measurement method
Author(s): S. Avril, A. Vautrin, P. Hamelin
Pages: 379 - 385

Mechanical evolution of concrete during setting
Author(s): L. Arnaud, S. Thinet
Pages: 355 - 364

The shear fracture of concrete under impact loading using end confined beams
Author(s): P. Sukontasukkul, S. Mindess
Pages: 372 - 378

Characterization of plastic shrinkage cracking in fiber reinforced concrete using image analysis and a modified Weibull function
Author(s): C. Qi, J. Weiss, J. Olek
Pages: 386 - 395

Author(s): J. Marchand
Pages: 354 - 354

A practical method for uniaxial tension test of concrete
Author(s): H. Akita, H. Koide, M. Tomon, D. Sohn
Pages: 365 - 371

Applicability of rheological models to high-performance cement grout containing various cementitious materials and rheology modifying admixtures
Author(s): A. Yahia, K. H. Khayat
Pages: 402 - 412