Materials and Structures 279 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 38 , N° 279
Année: 2005


Author(s): P. Richner
Pages: 505 - 506

Special Issue Dedicated to the 125th Anniversary of Empa

Bending moment and axial force interacting on solid timber beams
Author(s): R. Steiger, M. Fontana
Pages: 507 - 513

Passive damping of cables with MR dampers
Author(s): F. Weber, G. Feltrin, M. Motavalli
Pages: 568 - 577

The potential of active fiber composites made from piezoelectric fibers for actuating and sensing applications in structural health monitoring
Author(s): A. J. Brunner, M. Barbezat, Ch. Huber, P. H. Flüeler
Pages: 561 - 567

Extended numerical modeling and application of the coaxial shear test for asphalt pavements
Author(s): K. Sokolov, R. Gubler, M. N. Partl
Pages: 515 - 522

Influence of water and temperature on mechanical properties of selected asphalt pavements
Author(s): R. Gubler, M. N. Partl, F. Canestrari, A. Grilli
Pages: 523 - 532

Evaluation of road safety installations with a model rutting tester
Author(s): K. Sokolov, M. Stimolo, H. M. Burger, M. N. Partl
Pages: 533 - 540

Effect of moisture and concrete composition on the Torrent permeability measurement
Author(s): M. Romer
Pages: 541 - 547

Long-term extrapolation of properties of polymeric waterproofing membranes
Author(s): M. Farshad, S. Bianchi, Ch. Löwe
Pages: 557 - 560

Applications of shape memory alloys in civil engineering structures - Overview, limits and new ideas
Author(s): L. Janke, C. Czaderski, M. Motavalli, J. Ruth
Pages: 578 - 592

Feasibility of concrete prestressed by shape memory alloy short fibers
Author(s): K. Moser, A. Bergamini, R. Christen, C. Czaderski
Pages: 593 - 600

Application of fiber reinforced high performance composites in spun-cast elements
Author(s): J. P. Kaufmann, D. Hesselbarth, K. Moser, G. P. Terrasi
Pages: 549 - 555